Album: I Am Me (2005)
Charted: 12 19
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  • The lyrics of the song consist of Simpson insisting to another girl that "You really got it wrong, I didn't steal your boyfriend." Simpson denied rumors that the song refers to an alleged relationship with actor Wilmer Valderrama, ex-boyfriend of Lindsay Lohan, saying It's a song making fun of how every girl out there sometimes thinks you stole her boyfriend.
  • The video starts off with police pursuing Simpson in a car chase. Eventually she evades them and reaches a junkyard, where she and her band perform the song before a crowd of young people. At the end of the video Simpson jumps into the arms of Efren Ramirez (who plays "Pedro" in the movie Napoleon Dynamite) and he carries her away. >>
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  • Ashlee Simpson told Associated Content about this song: "It's about taking something real life and making fun of it, making it fun. There was some Hollywood drama a couple years ago and I just to hell with it and wrote about what was going on."
  • Thirteen years after the release of the song, Ashlee Simpson finally confirmed that "Boyfriend" was inspired by Lindsay Lohan and Wilmer Valderrama's secret romance. Speaking on the September 4, 2018 episode of Watch What Happens Live! Simpson insisted the situation was not as scandalous as the media reported at the time, but she was simply explaining that she dated the actor first.

    "I mean, I hung out with (Wilmer) first, and I wasn't interested in him at that point," she said. "We're great! All is well! And by the way, they're the best! All the love!"

    The singer went on to emphasize she didn't steal Valderrama from Lohan, as she "was done" seeing Wilmer at the time.
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  • Savannah from Elizabethtown, KyJessica Simpson is just a blonde Barbie doll (I don't have anything against blondes though, since I am one) without her own style. Ashlee, on the other hand, is more original and creative with her style and her music. I personally LOVE this song of hers, and she did a great job singing it. Jessica's voice sounds like crap, Ashlee's sounds WAY better.
  • Shuting from Hougang, Singaporeshe is so cool! better than her sister! i adivse all the 'hate her person' to listen up, why don't you all give her a more chance?
    if i am ashlee simpson, i will be grateful to the fans
  • Prayerash from Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaI still think Ashlee sings better than her sister.
  • Christy from St.marys, CanadaI did hate Ashlee Simpson, but only becuase she was dating Pete Wentz, and she still is.But I got over myself and im ok with them now.This song is so easy to figure out."I didnt steal your boyfriend" the line says it all.
  • Shannon Mulvany from Spokane, WaA lot of people hate her, and I don't know why. She's not the best singer, no, but her songs are really catchy. Especially this one. The worst song of hers is L.O.V.E.
  • Spencer from West Milford, NjShe rocks- I have front row tix to her concert this summer....not to mention......hottie
  • AnonymousI hate Ashlee Simpson. She can't sing worth crap. She doesn't even have her own style of music. She just tries to copy every other popular singer out there because she can't think of her own musical ideas. She's only popular because of her idiotic, pretty,older sister. Ashlee is ugly, can't sing, can't act, and the worst part is she actually tries to. Ashlee is a poser. It's really sad people like her are popular.
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