So Others May Live

Album: Single Release Only (2014)


  • This was the first song released by Atreyu after a three-year hiatus. It was made available on their official website free of charge in exchange for signing up to the band's mailing list.
  • The song was inspired by one of vocalist Alex Varkatzas's best friends who used to serve in the armed forces. "The things our troops go through to protect us are pretty unreal," said the frontman. "Their treatment after leaves a lot to be desired, as well."

    "The song honors them and condemns our government's constant deployment of these brave souls," Varkatzas continued. "The people who fight and die for us often come from a certain socio-economic background — the working class. The people making these decisions send our nation's children to war come from positions of privilege and wealth. Their kids aren't the ones getting deployed and they aren't risking their lives every day at work. Yet they order the working class to go 'keep us safe' at the drop of a hat, it feels like. It's bulls--t. It's the politicians and the rich of this country waging war to keep the majority preoccupied, so they can make money and advance their bulls–t political agendas. The expense is 'expendable' working class/poor Americans' lives, never the rich."


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