The Crimson

Album: The Curse (2005)
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  • This song is about vampires and a person who had converted and wonders if he will get acceptance. >>
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    Gary - Rensselaer, NY

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  • Andy from Cleveland This song is clearly inspired by Anne Rice’s “Interview with the Vampire”. He even says “I’m an Anne Rice novel come to life” ten seconds in to the song. Also, it’s all about vampires and paraphrases many quotes from the book and movie. So nothing deep and metaphoric here. Just goth dudes doin goth stuff.
  • Charlie from Las Vegas, Nvok to the five of you who commented before me: color me kooky but this song makes me think of my girlfriend and how devoted she is to our relationship. "Will you still hold me when you see what i have done? Will you still kiss me the same when you taste my victims blood?" you tell me if any of those are things a devoted girlfriend would do!
  • Rob from Chatsworth, NjThe idea of vampirism is used in this as a metaphor, it's about an inner struggle to do whats right, going through changes and making the right choices, and wondering at the end if what you did was actually the right thing to do or if you will be rejected for what you have become (they use this metaphor for alot of songs), I've listened to Atreyu since their EP Visions, I can play every one of their songs on Guitar, bass, drums or screaming vocals... I guess you can say I'm obessed with them. haha but yeah
  • Leeja from Philadelphia, Pasteve i agree with u on the fact that they were 'one hell of a band before they started doing live shows' their ablum from 2006 wasn't nearly as good as their eariler works and gwen stacy is totaly immitating them
  • Agustin from ,I think you should have submitted the songfact Steve, I had a strong feeling it was about vampires, but what Gary wrote was wierd ... MY HEART IS DEAD, AND SO ARE YOU!!
  • Steve from Catskill, NyActually, it makes a lot of sense, because it's what the song is about, it's what the whole album is about.. Think about it.

    The Anne Rice novel reference.
    "I metamorphasize"
    "The darkness has been biding it's time for the latest victim"
    "Fresh meat for carnal desires"
    "I viewed the sun for the last time"
    "So crimson and red, I feel it flowing from your lips, my heart is dead, and so are you."
    "It's hard to look at saint's without them reflecting their jet black aura back at you."
    "I'll wipe the blood off my cheek"

    The whole song is filled with vampiric references, as is the whole album, and the album cover.

    Atreyu was one hell of a band before they started doing live shows. ;)
  • Agustin from Reedley, Cathat makes no sense. best song ever though.
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