Show Me How To Live

Album: Audioslave (2003)
Charted: 67


  • In this song, Chris Cornell asks for help from God, saying that He created him, but now needs his guidance. There are a few religious references in the song, including "Nail in my hand," which is relates to the crucifixion of Jesus.
  • Near the end, Cornell created an interesting vocal effect by hitting his throat with the side of his hand to change the pitch of his voice. >>
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    Donovan Berry - El Dorado, AR

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  • Rodzilla23 from Simi ValleyHow should God show him? My question where was his close friends. His Death should never had happened. Failure from friends and Family. I know I tried three times, Friends prevented. God Bless Chris Cornell
  • Sam I Am from Yelm, WaThese lyrics are wrong. Its "nail in my head", not hand. Cornell himself tweeted the correct lyrics.

    All Y'all shouldn't fall into the Christianity meaning you are assigning this song.
  • Andrew from Barrie, OntarioAmazing artist and song. I believe the song is based on his struggle to find a higher power and peace in his life. He was receptive to the idea as he was an artist. Without having a guiding light people can become lost and never truly know "how to live" rip chris.
  • Kevin from Troy MiFirst off, this is an incredible rock song. This song is a true joy to sing. However, if you really would like to know what this song is about. Chris is personifying humanity and it's gripe with God. You thought you made a man, you better think again, before my role defines you. Cleary referring to God saying in Genisis, "Let us make man in our image. Nail in my hand from my creator, less subtle but the same general theme of blatant rebellion against God. Role out of my skin. Obviously he wants to point out his personal personification of a snake, which of course was the first biblical personification of the ultimate evil, Satan. I love how people overlook the obvious and just dismiss it at symbolism or artistic mockery. The reality is what it so obviously is.
  • Adam from TennesseeThis song is about addiction. Chris Cornell had struggled his entire life with these demons as so many of us do. He had found aa meetings and began to regularly attend. "Show me how to live" is an Alcoholics Anonymous saying and part of the 3rd step prayer. "God take my will and my life, guide me in my recovery and show me how to live" I've said this personally hundreds of times. Unfortunately it seems that Chris was one of the majority whose disease had progressed to the point it caused him to take his own life. You will be remembered fondly sir!
  • Austin from Springfield, MoThe main chorus riff of this song bears a strong resemblance to the Rage Against the Machine song "Producer," which they only performed live in 1994. The riff is slowed down considerably in this song and Tom Morello played on both tracks.
  • Kenest from Belair, MdI honestly think it's about Mary Shelly's "Frankenstein" coming from the perspective of Frankenstein's creation who recalls in letters his utter hatred towards Frankenstein for creating him and takes vengeance upon him and the people he loves for the cruel act of bringing him to life out of scientific curiosity and acclaim without thinking of the creature's quality of life. The creature actually gives himself the name of Adam after reading the bible, feeling akin to Adam's banishment from Eden because of another's thirst for knowledge. "You thought you made a man, you better think again before my role defines you" sounds too relevant of the story for it not to be a clear influence.
  • Zero from Nowhere, NjThis may be just me but, the "Built with stolen parts" bit suggests that maybe the singer's mother was raped and gave birth to the person in question, the rapist "stole" her innocence. idk, maybe that's just me.
  • Matt from Ottawa, OnHonestly,Not To be all Religious but I honestly think its about God,Chris being a christian or not.
    "Nail in my hand,From my creator,You gave me life,Now show me how to live" Is all the proof I need.
  • Matthew from Ny, NyI think of it as how when slavery from the south finally ended and the slaves were released to freedom. all of the slaves didn't know what to do with their newfound freedom. "is [freedom] a cure, or is it a disease", "you gave me life, now show me how to live", "you think you've made a man, you better think again", ect. its a cool way to think about it in my perspective
  • Joey Freer from Kingston, NyI love the ending of this song when Chris Cornell changes the pitch of his voice.
  • Kayla from Oklahoma City, OkChris Cornell may or may not be a Christain, but I always thought this song was about an alien sent to Earth for a mission... then again, I'm not religious. xDDD Lol, now that just sounds dumb on here... oh well. Heh heh.
  • D from Waterloo, Iai think he may be. a lot of his lyrics suggest he is christen, which i think is cool. either way, great song and obviously religously inspired. I LOVE AUDIOSLAVE
  • Jon from Mishawaka, Inis chris cornell a christian?
  • Max from Vancouver, Waok any of you who dont like the ending for the video or think i remides you of a comic book jeasus people the video is from the movie vanishing point almost every scene in the video is in the movie its one of the quenticential car chase movies ever if you like car movies go rent it i promise you wont be disapointed
  • Talha from Lahore, Pakistani love the video , it reminds of old black and white comics regarding cops and robbers,the intro with the state policemen,the radio-jock ,.....also the way how the band is projected as a bunch of outlaws........."speed means freedom of the soul.....", i love it.
  • Bert from Pueblo, NmProbably Audioslave's best, but I dislike that ending. Especially live, when Cornell carries it on for a good 30 seconds.
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