Almost Easy

Album: Avenged Sevenfold (2007)
Charted: 67
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  • In this song, the singer's mother is dying because he "left her with suicidal memories" and he treated her so wrong. He wants to make it right and he is apologizing. He is asking her to come back because it's "almost easy." >>
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    Kris - Rome, GA
  • This song was intended for the movie Transformers, but the band didn't finish it on time. The song was released officially September 18, 2007. >>
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    ozzy - fresno, CA

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  • Your Average Ax7 Fan from North CarolinaWell this song is deep… that’s all I have to say. Bye :p.
  • Jake from AdelaideThis song resonates with me in a lot of the ways mentioned in the comments. That being said lately I like to see it as someone talking to themselves trying to regain what they lost and who they were.
  • Justine from Hometown, TnAs the daughter of an abusive relationship survivor, I can relate to this song well. It sounds like the part of the cycle where the guy is apologizing and begging the girl to come back.
  • Deanna from Radcliff, KyThis song gives me chills. I love it.
  • Killswitch from Utopia, BarbadosI Really love A7x; in fact their work is what I listen to most of the time
    But moments ago I came across the "Almost easy" video, I was watching and enjoying this song that I love much when I noticed that the interpretation that first came to my mind for the song/video isn't the only one; It was purely spontaneous
    I first came to notice the ritualistic production of the video. This really caught my attention so I kept rewinding it
  • Daktoa from Greenville, AlI'M NOT INSANE, I'M NOT INSANE. this song is awesome
  • Adam from Dublin, Irelandit's about how life is "almost easy" - the majority of people understand and recognise the difference between right and wrong. In this sense, because we can distinguish between the two, life should be easy and we should choose right 100% of the time if we are moral people. But clearly this is not the case and it's most likely due to external factors. So in the song, the narrator has hurt someone he loves in some way and he's pleading for them to forgive him ("come back to me"), offering the excuse that life is "almost easy" e.g. he may have cheated on his girlfriend, something which he knew was wrong before he did it. Since he knows it's wrong, it should be easy to avoid doing it, but with a few drinks and the right girl, suddenly it's not so simple...
  • Zac from Grand Haven, Mito ben, cascade locks...they're not religious you dumb s--t. "Although the band's title and members' stage names make references to religion, Shadows stated in an interview that they are not a religious band. "Anyone that reads the lyrics and really knew anything about us, they would know we're not promoting either," he said."
    you moron, get your facts right before you open you uneducated mouth, genius.
  • Rickey from Lansing, Mii listened to the cradle of filth song and i didn't think A7x stole the riff. If they sound similar its probably just accidental
  • Ben from Cascade Locks, Orwow about matts mom dying???? the song was written by the Rev. and two it is about hell. because a grip of the songs they write are about hell since they are a really religious band. not a christian band but religious
  • Joey from Louisville, KyIF YOU READ THIS YOU ARE A DUMB ASS :)
    this ong is awesome ^-^ hard as hell on rb2 :o
  • Jeremy from Aberdeen, OhListen to "Tonight in Flames" by Cradle of Filth
    Avenged Sevenfold clearly stole the main riff from Cradle. Don't believe me, see for yourself.
  • Mindy from Odessa, TxI f***in' love A7X!! This song is amazing. One of the best songs ever! :)
  • Zach from Buckeye, AzI agree with eric from brownwood... Thats exactly what i thought the song was about. This is my 2nd favorite song from them and there my 2nd favorite band! THEY RULE!
  • Roberto from New York, NyWell i saw the band video about the making of the song. Well first of all the song was writtin by there drummer The Rev. Next in the video "The Making of Almost Easy" they say something along the lines of "Well the meaning of this song is that its easy to say your forgiven but its really hard to trully forgive some one". The part where they say "Now that I've lost you it kills me to say (Hurts to say) I try to hold on as you slowly slip away. I'm losing the fight. Treated you so wrong, now let me make it right. (Make it all right)". Now that they did something that made them look crazy or insane there trying to prove there not and the "im losing the fight" part means there actions made seem right but in the end it just meased every thing up. .Now when they say "So how long did I expect love to out weigh ignorance Now that look on your face may force the scale to tip" there tryngto say that they where acting careless and like jerks and that they thought that love was so strong it would overcome that but then they realized it was wrong. The video is evil because they have a rep of doing wierd(evil) stuff in there videos. If you reaserch you would know.
  • Erik from Brownwood , TxI think its a sweet song begging a girl friend or wife or lady companion to come back. he is trying to admit how stubborn and ignorant he is by not being willing to comprimise "I feel insane every single time I'm asked to compromise" he is saying that he screwed up and wants her back. he knows she sees him for as he really is because she is no longer ignorant "how long did I expect love to out weigh ignorance" the whole come back its almost easy part means that its ALMOST easy to admit defeat for him and comprimise. like in an argument.
  • Erik from Brownwood , TxI believe the name comes from genesis 4:15 like the song chapter four. it says something like who ever kills cain (or abel or who ever died) shall recieve VENGENCE SEVENFOLD!
  • Garrett from Blountsville , AlWell I agree with Syton and Robert, Syton is right about this could be interpreted in any one way it just depends on what you feel when you hear the song. And everyone is entitled to an opinion it's just common courtesy. And Robert your right about Avenged Sevenfold's songs being more along the lines of Christianity considering their name is from the bible, which I don't remember exactly what section or whatever but God had put a mark on Kain and when someone killed Kain, Kain was Avenged Sevenfold. It was God's way of Justice. It may not say exactly what I said but it is pretty close. But I mean come on man you could say Umbrella by Rhianna is about Satan it just depends on what you think and feel when you hear that song and you have seen the lyrics. But you shouldn't just straight up say " This songs NOT about so and so" and should be more along the lines of " I think this song is about so and so" That helps a lot to avoid arguments that could result in unnessecary anger. But anyways my opinion on this song is that at one point in his life he possible lost touch with God and he's slowly giving way to the evils of the world because he doesnt have anybody to guide his life and help him make the right decisions and then something bad happens like his mother or GF or so and so on leaves or dies and eventually he goes crazy and can't accpet what has happened to him.
  • Bobsaget from Santee, CaThey got the idea of the people running into a hole in the ground from a Wendy's commercial, and though they could turn it into hell. u know the one where they all run into a hole in the ground and the guy is wearing a Wendy's wig. They said where the got the idea on "Steven's Untitled Rock Show" on Fuse
  • Ivy from North Pole, AkYou know this song has many meanins for me its is about when someone you love hurts you and then relizes they did you wrong and wants you 2 come back (come back to me its almost easy) and it could easily have to do with the fact of that satan wants you to be his no matter what but mine is when someone you love hurts you and you leave them...
  • Tyler from Oak Grove, Moactually im pretty sure its about losing a girl friend or someone you love. perhaps a mother like previously stated
  • Syton from Colorado Springs, CoWell, Robert, I have two suggestions. One, if you don't like songs' meanings being butchered, then don't butcher them yourself for a start. And two, I think everyone can interpret a song for themselves, based on personal meanings for them, so let everyone have their own meaning for it. And thinking down that path, there isn't a way to butcher a song's meaning, so you can have your opinion but let others have theirs. If a song was really meant by a band for something, then that can be an exception. For me, this song can apply to any relationship that you may have screwed up and then want forgiveness. Or, you're trying to prove to someone that you're not the way they saw you when they left you (I'm not insane...Come back to me).
  • Ozzy from Fresno, Cathis song is SO much better than the rest of the album...
  • Robert from Camp Lejuene, NcThis Songs not about the singers mother dying.
    its about satan. Proof:
    Circumstantial Evidence
    1. Avenged Sevenfolds Songs are Primarily about Christianity
    2. The Music Video Shows a number of people very zombie-ishly walking towards and then falling into a pit leading into hell.
    Tangible Evidence
    1."So how long did I expect love to out weigh ignorance
    Now that look on your face may force the scale to tip"
    He's saying even though we know its wrong to sin we do it anyways because it so good now.
    "Now that I've lost you it kills me to say
    (Hurts to say)
    I try to hold on as you slowly slip away.
    I'm losing the fight.
    Treated you so wrong, now let me make it right.
    (Make it all right)"
    He's trying to bribe you with sin and he feels your "slipping away" so he's upping the bribe.

    and no im not a bible thumper, Im not even christian i just hate to see songs meanings butchered and lost in translation
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