Album: Avenged Sevenfold (2007)


  • This song describes a guy who pursues a woman and attacks her. While this could be a rape ("Arms by your side, there's no struggling, pleasure's all mine this time"), it could also be a vampire going after his victim ("I'll taste your blood tonight").

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  • Alberto from Comtpon, CaOn Wikipedia, a review said "It has a Stone Temple Pilots vibe" about this song. Can anybody find it similar to any of STP songs? If so, which one? Just out of curiosity. (The verse riff reminds me a bit of "Down" from No.4, but that's about it)
  • Throwaway from Usa"We've all had a time where we've lost control We've all had our time to grow I'm hoping I'm wrong but I know I'm right I'll hunt again one night"

    "Some live repressing their instinctive feelings Protest the way we're built don't point the blame on me"

    these parts of the song are key. 1. this is his first kill "I hoping I'm wrong but I know I'm right. i'll hunt again one night" 2. hes having moral issues with his actions "I'm hoping I'm wrong but I know I'm right." showing theres still humanity left in him 3. second line is him pretty much trying to bring everyone down to his level by saying "don't judge me. you're capable of doing this to" as well as deflecting blame by making it something he had no control over.

    and as for the "allusions to rape". the way one words things can express emotions without explicitly going "then he got mad". its basically saying he gets off to the kill. and maybe the "scream from the pleasure, unmask your desire" is implying the killer is rationalizing it by fooling himself into seeing something thats simply not there. the victim taking morbid pleasure in their death. I could be stretching it but I don't think I am. seems like a reasonable inference to me.

    I love this song. it makes the killer frighteningly human without making him any less of a psychopath. you can tell at one point he was probably a normal guy but eventually his twisted desires got the best of him. which makes it rather frightening. honestly, how one got vampires or rape glorification is beyond me. it was obvious to me from the first listen it was about a serial killer. its excellent storytelling. probably their best in my opinion. made such a complex character in so few words.

    apologies for the length.
  • Hayli from RiI read about one of their interviews saying that a lot of people thought this song was about rape but they really intended it to be about a guy that gets off killing women. It's tough to picture that without being told about it but during their interview they said that it's about a guy getting off to killing women.
  • Joseph Chace from Pawtucket, Rii think it is about someone having sex with a virgin because virgin bleed the first time, and they are almost always loud(some might even say screaming from the pleasure) when its their first time because its new to them and the hunt again tonight is hes going to do her again and again and again.
  • Rckrchick from Lake Charles, La, LaI Believe this song is indeed about sex....scream the way you would if I ravaged your body....MMM yeah I seriously doubt this is about a man who rapes women. The talk about blood i think is a metaphor for needing the lust, the sex, like a vampire would need to hunt and need blood....I think it was just a twist to make it more intense. I just can't express enough how disappointed I am that people would assume that it is about rape, or murder. Truth is if any of you knew anything at all about the band or their other songs you would know that most of their lyrics come from the bible...mostly the book of Revelation....about the end of the world and the battles with temptation between good and evil. Thanks have a nice day : )
  • Megan from Voorhees, Njin my opinion, this song is about a sadistic murderer. not rape or vampires. avenged sevenfold would never write about vampires.
  • Allison from Clarksville, Tnhonestly, think about what theyre saying. "scream scream scream the way you would if i ravaged your body" or "scream from the pleasure". that is definatly about sex. i see why people think its about vampires, but a7x sings more about sex. not vampires.
  • Bill from Wayne, NjThe riff in the beginning was conceived my M. Shaddows. He thought of it from the sound of a slot machine. He then sung the idea to Syn, who translated it to guitar and added the two C# Chords at the beginning. Also, this song needs a not fan-based video!
  • Raven from Lockport, LaHe is totally singing about hot, kinky, sex..

    My friend...he gets turned on by this
  • Nataliah from San Antonio, Witwilight is super gay. i'm goin w/ rape and/or kinky sex
  • Bubba from Reno, NvDefinitely not about vampires (damn u twilight for tarnishing a7x's good name). It's about rape...or if you'd prefer to believe, kinky kinky sex time.
  • Janae from Riverside, CaOk let me start off with this song is NOT about vampires! I have asked Shads personally and he has said it is "definitely not about vampires." But yes it is about a sick and twisted guy raping a girl. And also the "freaky stuff" you see in the Bat Country video is illusions you see taking LSD, ACID, etc. If you have ever seen the movie Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, then you would know what I'm talking about. The song is about that movie. ;)
  • Kelsey from Rustburg, VaTotally Vampire... They're all about freaky stuff like this... Just look at the video for Bat Country...
  • Alex from Holt, Mii agree with Rickey, from Lansing
  • Rickey from Lansing, Miawesome song, and im leaning toward vampire rape
  • Danny from Coke, PaThis song is about a vampire, vampires love sex(supposily) and blood is very pleasuring. And they say scream wheres theres life left, and vampires are considered dead.
  • Dev from Someplace, Lai just discovered this band, and this was one of the first songs by them that i heard. dude, it screams vampire.
  • Becky from Portland, Orits about rape. and if you dont think A7X glorifies rape then listen tp a little piece of heaven that will change your mind. i love this songgg(:
  • Mick from Rome, Nyi think the vampire theory works best...i dont think even A7X would glorify rape this much
  • Gabanti from Your Mum, United Kingdomi love this song, so cool, and sooo about rape
  • Kristin from Atlanta, GaOr It could be about a vampire raping someone and taking their blood afterwards
  • Snuckles from San Francisco, Cai think its about rape. i mean scream for the pleasure??? screm scream scream the way you would if i ravaged your body? RAPE!!!
  • Merissa from Grosse Pointe, MiI think its about vampires.
    Or realllyyy kinky sex.
  • Sarah from New Bedord, Mathis song is sick ; as of right now it is my favorite song . (:
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