Tarzan Boy

Album: Living In The Background (1985)
Charted: 3 13
  • This song is about being free and doing what you want. No hustle and bustle of the city, just the freedom of the jungle. >>
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    j-man - NJ
  • Baltimora is pop producer Maurizio Bassi, although for the music video and TV appearances, Jimmy McShane from Londonderry, Northern Ireland, lip-synched this as the face of the group. McShane died of AIDS in 1995 at age 37.
  • This was featured in a commercial for Listerine mouthwash which featured the jungle chorus of the song under an animated bottle of Listerine swinging from vines.
  • This was used in the movies Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 and Beverly Hills Ninja.

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  • Michelangelo from Ny CityTurtle power!!!
  • Zip Von Weltzien from Wisconsin UsaJimmy McShane was gay. He came out to his family at a very young age, and the family had a hard time accepting that he was gay. Jimmy moved from Ireland to London to study acting, dancing and singing, then later ended up in Italy where Baltimora was formed. To me, the song Tarzan Boy is about coming out gay, and the difficulty at that time of finding other gay people in the "urban jungles" of the World.
  • Bruno from Lima, PeruThe problem with Milli Vanilli was that they won the Grammy. Boney M and Technotronic (in the beginning) had "fake singers" lypsynching too and the woman in the C+C Music Factory's "Gonna Make You Sweat" video wasn't the singer but neither one nor another won the Grammy as Milli Vanilli did.
  • Sharon from Cleveland, OhThis song is architypal.
  • Joe from Gallipolis, Ohthis song is about johnny damon
  • Jeff from Austin, Txso, the dude in the video wasnt the guy singing, and he's the one who died of AIDS??? Im totally confused now. So, if the real guy who was singing is still alive, why the hell hasn't he recorded Tarzan Boy II?
  • Joshua from La Crosse, WiNow let me get this straight: Maurizio Bassi was the "real" Baltimora, but he hired this McShane guy to be its figurehead? Can you say "Milli Vanilli", boys and girls? How is it that Baltimora got away with this while MV didn't? (Actually, this was four years or so before Rob and Fab themselves came on the scene. I guess MV's disgrace is now complete - even their infamous identity scam itself turns out not to have been an original idea!)
  • Soutiman from Mumbai, IndiaVery catchy song. Will make my kids listen to it.
  • Woody from Moose Jaw, CanadaWhat does DANK mean?
  • Quin from Alpine, UtThis song is dank
  • Alex from New Orleans, LaThis is now best known as "the gay fuel there song",thanks to ytmnd.
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