by Becky G (featuring Bad Bunny)

Album: Mala Santa (2017)
Charted: 74
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  • Becky G comes of age on this collaboration with Puerto Rican trap rapper Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, aka Bad Bunny. We hear the 20-year-old femme fatale crooning about her inner-most thoughts concerning her carnal desires for older and wiser men. (The Spanish word "Mayores" translates as older).

    (English translation)
    I like a gentleman, that is interesting
    That is a good friend, but a better lover
    What does a few extra years matter?

    The song started off as an in joke after the Latin songstress confirmed her relationship with soccer player Sebastian Lletget, who is four years older than her.
  • Becky G doesn't hold back on the explicit song about what she wants from her lover, and just how she likes it. She told Billboard magazine "[My single] "Mayores" was also a coming-of-age moment. I think it was the moment when everyone was like, 'Oh, wow, she can be sexy.' The topic of the song felt very empowering. I feel so proud."
  • Billboard asked Becky G what instructions she gave to Bad Bunny, as his solo material is often more than a tad edgy.

    "I said, 'I want you to do you in it. But I wanted a happy medium," she replied. "'You can go there, but you have to be smart about it.' Yo no soy viejo pero tengo la cuenta como uno (I'm not old but I have a bank account as if I were) - that's smart. He got very creative. He said, 'If I'm young but I want a girl who likes older men, how do I convince her?' The tone of his voice is so unique but his flow is so distinctive and amazing."
  • The song's lyrics stemmed from a real-life experience for Becky G when she started dating somebody who looked older than her (though there wasn't much difference in their actual ages). She recalled to Genius: "The way people received that and perceived that was like so outrageous, that I was like, yo, imagine if he really was 45, 50. I wouldn't be mad at that. It was kind of just a thought."

    The singer added that the song is more about her appreciation for men who are experienced rather than older males. "When we're saying like 'Mayores,' where it came from for me was more like a maturity," she said. "The way a man carries himself, right? Not so much the age."


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