Album: ICON - The Best of Belinda Carlisle (2013)


  • Belinda Carlisle's first US Pop single since the late '90s was the one new track included on her ICON greatest hits compilation. The singer co-wrote the lyrics for the upbeat, life-affirming song with fellow Go-Go Jane Wiedlin, who also sings backup. The tune was released in March 2013.
  • Carlisle spoke to Spinner about the writing of the song. "I loved the melody and the energy, and I just instinctively knew it was something that I could sing," she said. "So I approached the writer, Gabe Lopez, about changing the lyrics. And I also went to my can-do bandmate Jane Wiedlin, because she is one of the most amazing lyricists I know. We came up with these lyrics that are age-appropriate, which is always a concern for me [laughs]. I am in my mid 50s!"

    Carlisle added that it's "lyrically where I'm at in my mind, which is all about moving forward and being positive and looking at the bright side. So it just seemed like a perfect fit."
  • Gabe Lopez originally gave Carlisle the song, which at the time was called "Run." She told Billboard magazine: "While Gabe's lyrics were good, I wanted something a little different that was more specific to me and my style. Jane is an amazing lyricist so I approached her, and she came up with concept of 'Sun,' which was great."


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