The Boy With The Arab Strap

Album: The Boy With The Arab Strap (1998)


  • This is the title track from the third album by Scottish indie pop band Belle and Sebastian. The inspiration for the title came from the band Arab Strap, who are also from Scotland and briefly toured with Belle and Sebastian. Lead singer and songwriter Stuart Murdoch admitted to Q magazine in April 2011: "It's about Aidan Moffat from Arab Strap. I never really thought about it at the time, but I think he deserves to be a bit peeved that we hijacked the name of their band. But it was an honest thing - I was describing my experiences hanging around with him and the words tumbled out very easily. I remember playing it to Isobel (Campbell, ex Belle & Sebastian) on the piano when I first wrote it and she thought it was ridiculous. She said it sounded like Chas & Dave."

    What Murdoch didn't mention is that the band Arab Strap got their name from a sex toy. Moffat got one from a catalog which came free when he ordered a dildo for his girlfriend. They named their band after the device, and Moffat would carry it around with his drum machine for good luck.
  • A lyric from the song, "Color my life with the chaos of trouble...", is quoted by the lead character in the movie, (500) Days of Summer.


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