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  • Running to 2 minutes 46 seconds, "Birds" is the title track of the charming Miss Runga's 2005 album, her third studio release.

    Although written with her usual intimacy, this is only partly love song, drawing on her native Maori mythology, in which birds, especially the Tui, play a prominent role, including as messengers from the underworld. The introduction includes some bird noises, and the song has a string arrangement. Although it includes a large number of musicians, it is so full-bodied it gives the impression of a full orchestral accompaniment.
  • Three more versions of the album were released in quick succession: The Limited Australian Tour Edition was recorded at the Civic Theatre, Auckland in November 2005, the same month the studio album was released, although it was misdated November 2006 (after its release date!). This version of "Birds" runs to 4 minutes 30 seconds. The International Version runs to 3 minutes 58 seconds (this includes the birdsong introduction); "Birds" is also included on the Special Edition, which includes a DVD of five live performances and two videos. >>
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