Let Me Down Easy

Album: Enjoy Yourself (2010)
Charted: 46


  • This country soul ballad about a guy confessing to his new woman that he's falling in love with her is the second single from American country artist Billy Currington's fourth studio album, Enjoy Yourself.
  • The song was penned by outside writers, like most of the other tracks on Enjoy Yourself. Currington explained why in an interview with 96.3 KSCS: "I planned on making an album kind of dedicated to the guys that have helped me out. I wanted to go back through their catalog. I had not written a lot in the past couple of years even though I've got a hundred songs waiting to be recorded that I've written in the past 10 years, but I don't know, I just thought it was a great opportunity to go say thank you to the guys that helped me out before I had a record deal, the ones who let me sing their demos and write with them now and then. I didn't get to take care of everybody, but I'm working on it. I only had 10 slots. Maybe next time."
  • The song was co-written by American country artist Mark Nesler, who is best known for penning Tim McGraw's 1998 hit "Just to See You Smile." Currington explained to 96.3 KSCS why he chose to record this song: "When I was going back through the guys that helped me out one of them was Mark Nesler, so I was requesting Mark Nesler songs and this was one that came through. It was a new song he had written, and I usually don't record something new because I want to live with it. But, it was very obvious that we matched. I didn't have to really think about it too much. It's just got that melody, lyrics that are very simple, sexy, loving and sweet. I just wanted to be a part of it. I feel like its one of our best on the album."
  • In his interview with 96.3 KSCS, Currington commented that recording soulful songs "is definitely by far my favorite." He explained: "It's where I personally feel I lay the best with a song; I marry the best with a soulful song like 'Must Be Doin' Something Right.' That was probably my favorite recording that I've ever had to date, and we've got one on this album similar to it called 'Let Me Down Easy.' It works well for me, and I want to record a soul R&B album some day. It's always been my plan before I had a record deal. I always want to be a part of the country market, but I want to branch out. That's my dream."
  • The song was written by singer-songwriter Jennifer Hanson, Mark Nesler and Marty Dodson. Hanson recalled to The Boot the writing of the song: "It was one of those magical days when the three of us wrote this song. I had the idea of 'Let Me Down Easy' in my notebook for some time. I threw out the idea to Mark and Marty, and they both loved it immediately.
    The three of us really pulled our creative ideas together. Mark came up with a fantastic melody that set the tone for the song and the direction we wanted to go. Marty really helped out with the lyrics by putting a cool spin on the idea, with 'if I fall, let me down easy.'"
  • Hanson told The Boot that the song was written with Currington in mind and she was delighted when he picked it up so quickly. Said the singer-songwriter: "We wanted to write a lyric that showed vulnerability, but at the same time be said in a manly way [because] we wrote the song with Billy in mind, never dreaming he would actually cut it and put it out as a single!
    Usually when you sit down and write for a particular artist, it never turns out the way you want it to, but this time it did. After we wrote it, the song was demoed. The day I turned 'Let Me Down Easy' into my publisher, it went on hold for Billy and he cut it within a month. Everything was so perfect."

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  • Staley from Dallas, TxThis kind of slow, soulful song really highlights Billy Currington's sexy voice. Next best are mid-tempo, humorous songs (like "Good Directions"). Then more pounding rock-ish songs. He's sexy whatever he's singing, though, even if he does have Crazy Eyes.
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