Vale (This Is Where It Ends)


  • The Vale album finds The Black Veil Brides picking up where they left off with 2013's Wretched and Divine: The Story of the Wild Ones, a concept record set in the future about a group of rebels battling a unified church government. This record finds the group of outcasts embarking on another adventure and rebellion. asked frontman Andy Biersack why he decided to continue the story five years later. He replied:

    "It never really felt like there was an ending. We had it in our minds that we'd do a graphic novel, but that opportunity never came up and with this record, it felt like we had a good chance to give those characters a proper ending."
  • Asked about the reasoning behind the Vale album title, Biersack replied: "The Catholic/Latin translation (It translates in Latin to "be well, be strong") is just so perfect for what this band is about that I knew it was a great fit."
  • Andy Biersack explained the song to Kerrang: "It's the end of the story of the Wild Ones, and to me it's the perfect bookend. It's obviously not the intention, but if it was the last song I ever made it would be a pleasing way to go out."


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