Got a Little Country

Album: All About Tonight (2010)
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  • In this song, Shelton refers to various fashion items, including the high-end shoe brand Manolo Blahnik, but he gets the name wrong. The country singer admitted to The Boot, "I thought it was called 'Minono Blandick'... How do you say it? Its not Milano Blanick? It's too late now, it's on the record that way. We really don't give a crap, just to be honest with you. I'm probably not gonna be endorsed any time soon by Manolo Blahnik purses or shoes, so we didn't really care that we screwed up the name of the company."
  • In a comic moment at the beginning of the song, a Grand Ole Opry announcer sound-alike introduces Blake... as Drake Skelton. "I have always been fascinated by when a new artist is on the Grand Ole Opry and one of the old legends comes out [to introduce him or her]," Blake explained to The Boot. "There's no way they can keep up with all the new artists these days that are coming in and out of the Opry, and at least once a month you'll hear a great story about Jim Ed Brown or someone screwing up somebody's name. Porter Wagoner was famous for screwing up tons of people's names, because he introduced tons of people who probably never came back again. So I wanted to put myself in that position... We never said the Opry and we never said Porter Wagoner, but the voice is Gordon Mote - who used to play piano for Porter Wagoner - doing his best Porter Wagoner impression. It sounds dead on! So I said, 'Just get in and act like you're introducing me as Porter Wagoner on the Grand Ole Opry and completely screw up my name, and make little comments at the end like you didn't really even like my song anyway.'"

    Shelton chose to tack this funny bit onto the beginning of the song, because "there's nothing serious about this song anyway!" He added: "One thing we decided when we were making Six Paks was, if the whole idea is to get people back into the stores and buying albums again, then there needs to be something extra on there. And if there's one thing people are figuring out about me, it's my sense of humor ... If I ever go back to making a full length album, I'm gonna have a ton of that crap in there. I like recording [comedy] more than I like recording songs!"


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