Paper Scratcher

Album: Blind Melon (1992)


  • A track from Blind Melon's first album, lead singer Shannon Hoon wrote the lyric about a homeless man he used to see on his way to work. This guy would scratch the faces off the people in the newspaper photos.
  • In our interview with Blind Melon guitarist Christopher Thorn, he talked about coming up for the music to this song with the group's other guitarist, Rogers Stevens. "I had written a beautiful subtle droning solo for the outro of the song, but once Rogers heard that part he also soloed over it. Of course, Rogers' solo is incredible. Beautifully written and played perfectly. It's a great example of the interplay that happens between Rogers and I when we play guitar together."

    Thorn adds that he had just discovered open tunings and used them to create a moody sound on this track.


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