Platinum Blonde

Album: The Platinum Collection (1975)
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  • This was one of five tracks from a 1975 demo recorded by Blondie. It was produced by Alan Betrock, the founder of New York Rocker, one of the primary organs of the American Punk scene. The song was first issued on the 1994 compilation The Platinum Collection.
  • The song was the first ever one that Debbie Harry wrote for Blondie, and it served as a mission statement. She told Mojo magazine: "I think as far as Blondie is concerned, I took reference from the silver screen. Blonde goddesses. All of them. Not just Marilyn, but Jean Harlow and Lana Turner and even Diana Dors and Jayne Mansfield. I think it was a conceived idea from Hollywood that registered in my brain as being something that would work in a band situation."


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