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Album: Blondie (1st) (1976)
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  • Here's a Blondie song about a prostitute, but far less well known than "Call Me." In this scenario, she is arrested, but she and the cop know that he wants her. The song ends with the line, "And when I get out, there's no doubt, I'll be sex offensive to you." >>
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    Bob - Santa Barbara, CA
  • When bassist Gary Valentine was 17-years-old he got his underage girlfriend pregnant and was given a statutory rape charge as a result. He penned a song titled "Sex Offender," about the experience. Debbie Harry changed the lyrics so that the song was about a prostitute falling in love with the police officer that had arrested her.

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  • Chipp from Dublin, CaHAHA, just noticed in this vid that guitarist Chris Stein is playing bass and Gary guitar. Love this band toooooo much.
  • Sheena from Baltimore, MdThe song was originally called "Sex Offender" and was inspired by the fact that bassist Gary Valentine (he's the one doing all the hopping up and down in the video) was being prosecuted for statutory rape after supposedly getting a girl a few years younger than him pregnant.
  • Rod from Gainesville, FlI always felt that this song was originally entitled "Sex Offender" and that the record company asked them to change it to be less offensive
  • Jenny from Hereford, EnglandI adore this song , it is so overlooked and I dont understand why? She is the most beautiful woman to have ever lived and this song is the most perfect of their repertoire of perfect pop songs.....the lyrics are so clever and her beauty REALLY takes my breath away ( and I am a woman )
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