Sinner In A Sin

Album: See The Light (2007)


  • Although he wrote this song over a decade ago, the line in this song that Bo Bice says still sums him up to this day is, "It's the chaos I understand, and the calmness in my rants and anger."
    Which isn't to say there wasn't a time when it was all rants, anger, and no calmness. "I remember writing that song, it was at a bad time in my life," he confesses. "You know, bad break up, and just not at a good point in time in my life. I was doing a lot of drugs and partying a lot."
    Peering over his shoulder at the past, and all that has brought him to this point in time, he's nothing but grateful. "I think, looking at the road that I've traveled in general as a whole… for me, anyway, getting older has helped me to - I don't know if it's not take for granted - it's more looking back on all the experiences that I've had. And instead of saying, Man, I got screwed, or I got done wrong on this, you try to look at the life lessons that you've had, and the way that you made it through. That's what it's about, it's about making it through. 'Sinner In A Sin' was a song about, all right, things are bad right now, and they're not going to be better until you don't know when, but some day you're gonna get through it."
    The metaphors in this song "kind of really sum up some of the feelings and things that I was going through at that time. It's kind of weird, because we live in this chaotic world of music and travel and hustle and bustle and doing. You know, buy/sell/hold. Whatever. And you get used to that chaos and then you find some kind of calmness in it. But that's what's beautiful about music and about writing is that it can mean so much. It means so much to me because it's a story, it's a true story for me. But to someone else, it's a true story to them."
    "It's why I don't ever complain about a single day, because I'm so blessed to have such a wonderful life. I literally have more than I should ever deserve. I've got a beautiful family, a beautiful wife who wants me, I get to do what I love for a living. And it sounds silly - I'm not being 'poor pitiful me,' but it was easy for me to write sad songs back then. Now how am I gonna write them?" he laughs. "Now I'm trying to think about the next album, because I used all my good stuff on that one. I shot myself in the foot." (laughs) (Read more in our interview with Bo Bice.)


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