Rock And Roll Never Forgets

Album: Night Moves (1976)
Charted: 41


  • Bob Seger was in his 30s when his career finally took off, which is kind of like having a baby at an advanced age: you're already worn out. But no matter your age, your passions in life never leave you, and Seger's passion is rock and roll. In this song, which he called "an honest appraisal of where I was at that moment in time," he's telling his mature fans they can still get out there and take in some live music. You might need to leave before the encore so you can get back for the babysitter, but you can still pull it off, because rock and roll never forgets.
  • Seger was 31 when this song was released on his Night Moves album, which explains the line, "Now sweet 16's turned 31." He did start early, forming his first band, The Decibels, while still in high school. Over the next few years, he was in several bands; when he was 22, his group The Bob Seger System signed with Capitol Records. Their single "Ramblin' Gamblin' Man" was a modest hit, going to #17 on the Hot 100, but the band fell apart after their second album, so Seger became a solo artist. He became well known in Michigan, but it wasn't until 1976, now with his Silver Bullet Band, that he made headway nationally with his live album Live Bullet, which captured the spectacular energy of his live shows. When he was working on Night Moves, he was on the brink of stardom but already a rock veteran, giving him a distinct perspective that's apparent in this song.

    The Night Moves album, released in October 1976, broke him big. The first two singles, "Night Moves" and "Mainstreet," were slower, more reflective songs. "Rock And Roll Never Forgets" was the third single, bringing out the rocker in him.
  • Seger considers this a "thank you" to the fans that stuck by him on his rise. Many were his age by this time, and could relate to the sentiment.
  • Lyrical inspiration for this song came from one of Seger's high school friends who told him about going to their class reunion. Seger wanted to write a song for middle-aged people to remember their youth.
  • The line, "All Chuck's children are out there playing his licks" is a reference to Chuck Berry, a rock pioneer whose sound is in the DNA of many musicians how followed.
  • Seger didn't always record with his Silver Bullet Band, but they did back him on this one and three others on Night Moves. Around this time, Seger was often recording at Muscle Shoals Sound Studio in Alabama with their house band.

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  • Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn July 3rd 1977, "Rock and Roll Never Forgets" by Bob Seger entered Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart at position #85; and on August 7th, 1977 it peaked at #41 (for 1 week) and spent 8 weeks on the Top 100...
    Was track one of side one on his ninth studio album, 'Night Moves', and the album peaked at #8 on Billboard's Top 200 Albums chart...
    It was his first album with the 'Silver Bullet Band'...
    Two other tracks from the album also made the Top 100 chart; "Night Moves" (peaked at #4) and "Mainstreet" (reached #24)...
    Mr. Seger celebrated his 69th birthday two months ago on May 6th, 2014.
  • Jennifer from La Crescenta , ArThis song reminds me of H.S. graduation in 1977. I've danced to this song at many happy occasions and it's in my ipod. The most recent was at my daughters wedding reception on the dance floor with my sisters who are in their 50's. It's like we've stepped into the fountain of youth!
  • Lalah from Wasilla, AkC-c-c-come back baby; rock and roll never forgets. When I was a kid I wondered why rock and roll wasn't going to forgive and what had been done to it.
  • Mike from Brooklyn, NyMy dad also loves this song. "Chuck's Children" refers to Chuck Berry. All the current rockers were out there playin his licks.
  • Stefanie Magura from Rock Hill, ScNo one's commented yet? i'm suprised! Anywa great song! My dad and I often go out and listen to music, so this definitely applies to him. I'm not going to give his age away, but he was a teenager when the Beatles were popular.
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