The Fire Down Below

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  • This song is about the prostitution industry. Seger points out that the customers come from many different backgrounds and that this thing goes on all over the world. The "fire down below" is the desire these guys all share for the ladies of the night.
  • Ann Landers criticized this in one of her newspaper columns for glorifying sex.
  • Seger would later take heat from Tipper Gore and the Parents Music Resource Center (PMRC) for the sexual content in another one of his songs, "The Horizontal Bop."
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  • Art from Moline, IlMatt, yes, almost. I grew up in Moline and everyone would turn this song up, waiting to sing along with "it happens in Moline!" We always wondered how he picked our city to throw in there. Obviously being from Michigan, he made stops playing here. I believe they played at my parents bar once in 75 or 76, but cant verify that... Anyway, if anyone knows how he picked Moline, please share.
  • Rick from Los AngelesAlso covered by Tina Turner.
  • Kenny from DallasJeff Morris, the movie was Stone Cold Dead 1979 with Richard Crenna.
  • Lawrence from Livonia, MiYou're all wrong... I met Rosie at a K-mart store in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Did not believe her story until she came back from a Seger concert with her and the band in the restroom.
  • Steve from Philadelphia, PaThe fire down below doesn't refer to hell, it refers to the johnson's of the men.....
  • Erica from Columbus, OhKory, you're right on. I thought the same thing so I did a little research. Ain't Got No Money is a song written by Frankie Miller and released on his own album The Rock in 1975. Seger released The Fire Down Below a year later. Seger's cover of Ain't Got No Money was released in 1978...
  • Jeff Morris from Richmond, Vathere was a movie in which prostitutes were being murdreed, this movie featured "THE FIRE DOWN BELOW' song, i can not remember the name of the movie. does any one know the movie title.,
  • Kory from Grand Haven, MiThe arrangement and chord progression is virtually the same as "Ain't Got No Money" off his Stranger in Town Album.
  • Aaron from Dallas, Txwhen he says fire down below hes referring to hell, the only thing in commen is hells flames
  • Cody from San Antonio, TxI agree Matt, Segers vocals are really something amazing, in this song particularly.
  • Matt from Charleston, ScI love how, in this song, one time when he lets out "They got the fire down below!" You can almost see the needle in the recording booth pegging the red line.
  • Matt from Charleston, ScI wonder if this song has ever been considered as a theme song by the Moline, Illinois Chamber of Commerce? Well, perhaps the Moline Chamber of Ho's.
  • Ted from Loveland, CoThis song has been covered many different ways by the likes of Bette Midler, Luther Grosvenor,
    Juice Newton, Cher and German singer Klaus Lage (1983) with German lyrics: Wenns unterm Gürtel brennt.
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