Good Day

Album: Everything Else Has Gone Wrong (2020)


  • On "Good Day," lead singer Jack Steadman encapsulates how universal concerns such as climate change can become intertwined with personal concerns.

    First my looks and now my friends
    Day by day, I'm losing them
    Losing them, losing collagen
    Losing elastin
    The melting ice caps in my dream
    Made me stop and think about
    Think about time running out

    Bassist Ed Nash wrote this warm and muted anthem at the beginning of 2019 in Cornwall when he was working on his Toothless solo record. He explained to Apple Music: "When I was doing my solo project, I was occasionally tormented by 'how come all these other people are doing well' thoughts. It's entirely natural to worry about other people's success and compare yourself to them."
  • The lyrics hit home to guitarist Jamie MacColl, who was doing a degree at the time and feeling anxious. Discussing the song's meaning with The Sun, he said: "It's about worrying about things that you feel you don't have the power to change. The song initially seems very negative, but it's about realizing you can set things right in your life."


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