Bow Wow

Bow Wow Artistfacts

  • Mar. 9, 1987
  • His real name is Shad Gregory Moss. He got his nickname from Snoop Doggy Dogg, who discovered him when he was 6. For a while, he was known as "Lil' Bow Wow."
  • As a kid, he wanted to be a professional basketball player for the 76ers. His favorite player is Allen Iverson. (Thanks, Kaila from Tennessee for above 2)` >>
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    Kaila from Tennessee for above 2
  • He has worked on the soundtracks to the movies Big Mama's House and Wild, Wild West.
  • His producer is Jermaine Dupri, who has experience working with young rappers. He created the look and sound for Kris Kross in the early '90s.
  • Dupri was looking for an act that would appeal to young black and Latino girls. Boy bands were big, but they were all white.
  • He performed with Madonna at the 2001 Grammys. They opened the show with Bow Wow "driving" a car onstage with Madonna, who came out and performed.
  • In 2005, he starred in the movie Roll Bounce. He also appeared as Twinky in The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift. >>
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    Alexa - chi town, IL
  • He has his own clothing line called Shago. >>
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    Giana - Gibraltar
  • When he first started rapping, he went by "Kid Gangsta." >>
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    Bertrand - Paris, France

Comments: 25

  • Nija from Brooklyn, Nybowwow my man is so sexy and i love him ur biggest fan nija evans aka ladyswag
  • Leah from Clayton, Ncbow wow a ciara r over forever and ever..........
    soooooooooooo he iz all mine so girls yall need to back away from him cause he iz all of mine....
    i love u
  • Monet from Chicago, Ilhe was featured on a 2 pac cd
  • Angel from Suitland, Mdbow wow you are so sexy i can't choose against you and omari but i want to meet you this weekend in chigago
  • Mrspoohbear05 from Jacksonville , Fli think bow wow and ciara make a cute couple. Any wayz they have been talkin for a long time so they should be very comfortable around each other. Although I am mad that bow wow chose ciara over me, i wish them the very best of luck!!!!
  • Dashia from Newark, NjI just wanted to say that iam very happy for bowwow and ciara. as long ass bowwow happy than i happy too but he will always be my boo and my number one fan ciara is a nice girl to.holllllllllllaaaaaa this be your girl Dashia from Newark Newjersey.
  • Danika from Houston, TxWell, ijust want to say that bowwow and are sort of a cute couple. ciara may be a little taller than he is, but that doesn't make a difference because they both had a choice of who they wanted to be with and they chose each other. so that's that. to bowwow, i have always been a fan of your's every since you came into the business. so much love to ya. to ciara, i'm really not a fan of yours,no offense, just being truthful. but inspite of that, you have a great personality and that's what i like about you. so, much love to ya and holla @ ya gurl from the H-Town.

    Danika c/o '06
  • Bow Wow Manager from Bow Wow Internation, AzHello everyone,

    Good news! Lil Bow Wow was intrigued on what had to say about some of his songs and thought he might take a look. He commanded I, his official band manager, look it up for him. I stumbled upon all of your anxy, hippy hoppy comments and well, GREAT NEWS. He has accepted terms to e-mail all of you personally and quite possibly arrange free tickets to an upcoming show. Thanks for your devout dedication and support it hasn't gone unnoticed. Girls, get ready for hot sexy bow wow.
  • Jenell from Bellevue, Wabow wow is so HOTTTTTTT!
  • Shellicia from Toronto, Cai want to let bow know how much i love him i think that i will be the one for him but it happen like that the my girl ciara have him but i hope ciara will take good care of my man are i will be sad with her if god put you to togather be to always and to omarion i want you to know whow much i love you and hopful me will be your and ciara will be bow wow and we all can go out toagather hola at you girl shellicia this is my email shelly-hot-4ever@hot love ya so much take care.
  • David from Phoenix, AzYou are all idiots
  • Shameka from Memphis, TnI think you are so cute and I wold love to see you in person so you could see how most of the young lady's look that write you.My number is 901-324-1555 my address is 970 BINGUM
  • Cherub from Pineollo, CaI disagree the girl in the like you video is busted!!!
  • Jeri from Colombus, OhBow Wow,

    How can you even think about going out with Ciara? No offence, you two don't make a cute couple. You should date me, instead of her.
  • Lexy from Tampa, FlBowWow got better taste than that to be going wit Ciara. He and that girl in his "Let Me Hold You" and "Like You" video need to stay together 'cause they look sooo adorable.
  • Avalisa from New Jersey, NjI have always thought Bow Wow and Ciara would look good together and they do. I don't know y peoples hatin.I think i am 1 of Bow's biggest fan and i don't feel the least bit jealous in fact i'm happy 4 them. I wish to meet him sumday. I just hope ur not thinking about marriage just yet. I LOVE YOU BOW and i'll always will it doesn't matter who ure dating.
  • Lachele from Lithionia, Gai dont have a problem with bow wow and ciara dating because he can date whoever he wants. you wouldnt want anyone to tell you who to date so dont try to tell someone else to. i cant say that i dont like them going out cause i dont but its WHATEVAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!
  • Jazmyne from Lithonia , Gai think bow wow and ciara are just right for each other. they have been knowing each other for like 4 years. wht everybody hating on them. bow wow can date whom ever he wants to date i am still his biggest fan. even though he got a girlfriend
    he still takes time to let his friends know that he really does care about us. and i really enjoyed the scream tour 4 in atlanta. im tryna make my mama take me to the one in orlando flordia. love u always bow wow ''u will always be my baby''.
  • Sophie from Perth, Wabow wow do u know that you're dating a MAN!. She tolled oprah and then oprag tolled eveyone so i think that you shouldnt get married to ciara if you was thinking about that well she is a real MAN SO WAT PUT WAT U DO WITH HER!!!!1
  • Leimael from ???, United Statesi think if anybody has a problem with bow wow oh well he can do what he wants me and my friends are still crazy bout bow wow though and yall can be 2 but dont wry about it of they goin out so wut and even if they is gettin married or not

  • Patience from Lithonia, GaIt is nice that Bowwow had find somebody. I think that they are going to be happy together. I heard a rumour that ciara was born both a man and a women that is not nice. Ciara I am your biggest fan . Bowwow should tell you. Bowwow and I met in a airport he was Nassau and I was going to my secret place in the world. Maybe we see what will be next about Bowwow and Ciara it has meaning. They are made for each other and no other fan can do about that they love each other alot. None of this should of happen if he didn't have had his birthday in Mexico................................................................................................................THAT'S ALL FOLKS!!!!!!!!
  • Nicole from Milwaukee, WiBow wow been rapping sinces he was a little child. If you want to still here Bow Wow you have to be happen for him,like if he wants to date a half women/man thats him. Ciara is beautiful, she look just like a women to me. Bow wow and Ciara are happy together. If they want to get married thats them, you guys don'thave Bow wow Ciara do! If they want to get married okay, Bow wow just growing up and making changes! I still love Bow wow no matter what happen to him !!!!!!
  • Tiffany from Alvarado, Tx Hey Bow Wow,

    My name is Tiffany I just wanted you to know that I think you are a very good singer and that your very cute for being 18. Happy Late birthday. Mine was in April on the 15th. Well I love your new song Let me hold you. Me and my Girlfriend are planing on getting married and Im thinking of having that song played. I have always wanted to meet you but i know with you being a famous singer and all that it might not ever happen so i dont get my hopes up. Well this is all i had to say and i hope this gets to you or you read this sometime soon.

    Always yours
  • Amanda from Wichita, KsI like his song "Let me hold you" featuring Omarion There was one part of a scorpio and I think you meant Ciara. Ciara is a scorpio. You and Ciara are a cute couple. And I seen your sneek peek on your 2nd single "Like you" featuring Ciara. So far so good!
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