Let Me Hold You

Album: Wanted (2005)
Charted: 27 4
  • This song is for all those girls who have a special someone they're really close to. Bow Wow wanted to do a more mature song since he was getting older.
  • Former B2K member Omarion is featured on this. >>
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    mercadez - portland, OR, for above 2

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  • Mayra from Los Angeles, Cai love bow wow and this song because they remind me of my love that just move of house
  • Cynesha from Ohio, Ohbow wow and me use to be friends and imean it come to yo hometown not when you on tour just to come i love all yo songs i been there when you use to rap i love you
  • Cynesha from Ohio, Ohme and aka bow wow use to be real cool oh iluv your video and come to yo hometime soon yo old friens miss you luv you mz.behaved30
  • Bow Wow's Shortie from Nyi luv this song b/c my ex boyfriend used to sing this to me...it reminds me of how much i still luv him <33
  • X1babigrl from Jaxson, Nji love this song i think its a great song to listen to when u r fighting with ur boyfriend/girlfriend
  • Danielle from Richmond, KyThis song is really sweet and they are also cute together..do another one~!
  • Meme from Hopkinsville, Kywas up bowwow and ciara what yall been up to i wanna tell you that i love you bow
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