Album: Deja Entendu (2003)
  • Lead singer Jesse Lacey wrote this about his grandfather, who was dying of cancer. The song is about how shocked and lost he felt upon hearing the news.
  • Guernica is a city in Spain. During the Spanish civil war (1936-1939), the city was heavily bombed in a huge battle between the nationalists and the fascists. Pablo Picasso later did a painting about Guernica, titled "Guernica." it is one of his most famous works. >>
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  • Dirtstick from Mitchell, SdThis song works in so many different scenarios.... Good, GREAT song. Have faith. Believe. and Don't give up.
  • Taylor from Dallas, Tx"nobody plans to be half a world away at times like this" refers to when he found out the news about his grandfather, he was on tour.
  • Santi from Seville, SpainIt wasn't a war in Guernica. Franco let the nazi's practice bombing raids on his own city.
  • Christina from Decatur, IlThis song is definately my favorite from Deja Entendu. I get sad everytime I hear it because it reminds me of my great grand father dying of lung cancer when I was 8. I was really close with him when I was little and I didn't even know he was sick until later years when my mom finally decided I was old enough to talk about it. It actually reminds me of two of my uncles that died of brain tumors too. All three of them were amazing men. Very wise too.

    This song, infact this band is amazing. They are great at symbolism and they are musical geniuses. They really pull you in and make you feel how they feel when you listen to their music. It's touching.
  • Jawni from Colchester, Il-this song blows my mind away everytime I hear it. I can't believe no one has put togethor the symbolism in the Guernica painting with the song. They both symbolize war(war against cancer), destruction, death. A masterpiece.
  • West from Columbus, GaJust to add... this song captures the feeling of helplessness by the lyrics "I am too weak to be your cure" and that is EXACTLY how it feels...
  • West from Columbus, GaI really didn't understand this song until resently my grandma died. This song helped me through everything!
    I <3 Brand New!
  • Bill from Washington, Mithis song reminds me of how i felt when my grandpop died of Lung Cancer, he hit it right on the nose with this one, reminds me of who he was, and why i can hope to be the man he was
  • Samantha from Nyc, Nybrand nizzle owns...
  • Ross from Philadelphia, PaBrand Nizzle is the shizzle
  • Shana from Pembroke, CanadaBrand New is my LIFE! This is by far their best song.
  • Sarah from Delight, ArI love this song. It reminds me of when I learned my father was dying. Especially the 'The best part was the part I must have missed.' Jesse is a genius.
  • Jonas from Ha-ha-hamilton, CanadaThis is such an angry and guilt ridden song, probably the most powerful song I have ever heard. Heart wrenching even. It is apparent from the opening harmonics that this song has a truly unique and heart felt agenda. It lends itself to full emotional release with a ripping chorus that seems to want forgiveness for something that no one could be blamed for. For not being there at that time in life that everyone dreads, the news that a loved one is dying, simply because you were out living your own life. The exceptional quality and depth of the poetry paired with the complex intensity of the music shows just how meaningful the song is to the writer and allows the piece to be felt by anyone going through such loss. Amazing.
  • Melissa from Lansing, MiBrand New rules
  • Chris from Aurora, IlPeronal note- this song shadows my life very closely. When my mom died I was only 7, and was living across the country from her. Specifically felt the part of " I am too weak to be your cure.
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