How Can I Fall?

Album: All That Jazz (1983)
Charted: 48 3
  • "How Can I Fall?" was #1 on the Adult Contemporary charts is a standard of Easy Listening radio stations to this day. It was written by group members David Glasper and Marcus Lillington. All That Jazz was their debut album.

    Breathe hailed from Hampshire, England, where the original five members all grew up and even went to school together at Yateley School. Their first group was called Catch-22, after the famed novel by Joseph Heller.

    Breathe eventually broke up shortly after the 1990 release of their second, lesser-known album Peace of Mind, basically because there wasn't enough interest from the record labels in signing or promoting them any more. This is astounding considering that they had a total of five Top-40 hits in just a few years and many of their other songs received heavy radio play as well.

    Lead singer David Glasper has made some minor noises about making a 21st century comeback, going so far as to release a couple of demos and register a MySpace account.
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