New York City Serenade

Album: The Wild, The Innocent & The E Street Shuffle (1973)
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  • A track from Springsteen's second album, this song is a disjointed tale of life in New York City; the "serenade" coming from the street musician playing the vibraphone. Many of Springsteen's early songs contain a barrage of characters who travel about New York - in this one you'll find Billy in his Cadillac, the fish lady and the junk man.

    Springsteen would often visit New York City for both work and pleasure, taking in images that later showed up in his lyrics. Since he didn't live there, he could keep a certain detached perspective when he used it as the setting.
  • David Sancious played piano on this track. Sancious left the band after this album to form a jazz group with E Street drummer Earnest "Boom" Carter.
  • This was the last Springsteen song with a major jazz influence. After David Sancious left the band, his piano was replaced with a second guitar - Steven Van Zandt.
  • Excluding live cuts, this is the longest Springsteen song. It runs 9:53.
  • This evolved out of an early outtake called "Vibes Man," one of the songs Springsteen played at his Columbia Records audition in 1972.
  • Springsteen played this at many of his concerts from 1973-1975. He often changed the arrangement, so live versions often sound very different.
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  • Thomas from Washington, D.c.Rick from LA - we're up to almost 70 shows now (latest is February 2017) see here:
  • Kyle from Belleville, CanadaRick from LA, he has done it live a handful of times...most recently was during the Rising tour in 2003.
  • Rick from La, Cahas anyone ever heard him do this live? I think this is the only song off one of his albums that never made it to the stage. And it may also be his most beautiful.
  • Jack from Toronto, CanadaA sad-sack fan am I. Always a Springsteen follower I'd never even heard NYC Serenade until 2007. The guitars are fabulous. It's become my all-time favourite.
  • Chad from Reading, PaThis is one of my favorite Springsteen songs. Sancious was a much better pianist then Bittan. I like Lopez better then Weinberg too. The best version of this song for me is from 7-31-73 in Roslyn, NY. That whole show was brilliant.
  • Bobby from Valley S Tream, NyBRUCE should do this song on the D&D TOUR if i hope he comes to NYC town hall would be good. I dream away
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