The Way I Want To Touch You

Album: Love Will Keep Us Together (1974)
Charted: 28 4


  • This song is about a woman who has met the love of her life, and is willing to give herself to him like no one before. Toni Tennille wrote it about The Captain (Daryl Dragon), who she married later in 1974.
  • This was the first song Captain & Tennille recorded. Dragon had worked with The Beach Boys and hired Tennille to tour with the band as a keyboard player. In 1974, they financed and produced this single themselves, and it was a hit in the Los Angeles area, leading to a record deal with A&M Records. When their first major label release "Love Will Keep Us Together" became a huge hit in 1975, "The Way I Want To Touch You" was re-released and also became a hit.
  • Shirley Bassey recorded this in 1976. >>
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  • Brian from Nictaux, NsThe Spanish version of this song is called "Como Yo Quiero Sentirte" which means "As I Touch"
  • Barry from Sauquoit, NyThis song started a string of four consecutive top four songs for them; this song peaked at #4, then "Lonely Night {Angel Face}" reached #3, "Shop Around" hit #4, and finally "Muskrat Love" topped out at #4!!!
  • Jesse from Madison, WiLots of interesting facts about this song... My favorite is The Captain's distinctive use of the synthesizer. It appears at every juncture of the song doing everything from basslines (listen closely during the choruses) to the lead line at the close of the song, and also providing some tone color to the whole work. Could Toni Tennille sing? Darn straight she could, her vocals in this song are fantastic! The critical press NEVER hypes the stuff that doesn't need it to sell some additional copies - this song sold itself. Synthesizer afficianados should really dig into the Captain's musical dialogue, his use of the E-mu modular synthesizer turns up in lots of their stuff, and always sounds great. It made the Muskrat Porn segment of that song what it was.
  • Musicmama from New York, NyGuy: You're right. This song is sexy. And I think Toni Tenille's voice wasn't respected enough. I think critics dismissed her because she and the captain did a lot of sentimental love songs (or rodent porn, i.e,, Muskrat Love). And, a lot of people don't realize she did some background vocals for Pink Floyd on their "The Wall" album.
  • Guy from Woodinville, WaA very sexy song. That Toni could really do sexy!
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