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Album: Coming to Terms (2009)
Charted: 31 67


  • Los Angeles based pop rock band Carolina Liar are all Swedes, with the exception of lead singer and songwriter Chad Wolf. After hearing a demo of Wolf's songs, Swedish production legend Max Martin (Pink, Britney Spears, Katy Perry, Kelly Clarkson) agreed to produce the band's debut album.
  • This song, which spells out a sense of longing with one simple plea - "Save me, I'm lost," aired on promos for [ABC's] Eli Stone and was featured on [MTV's] The Hills. Wolf told Consequence of Sound how the nationwide exposure generated an exciting reaction: "It made our MySpace site crazy for us. We were getting about ninety plays a day, and then it went from ninety to 2000 plays in one day, just from the one television show. That right there is just such a nice gift, ya know, to get a placement like that. It's a great thing, as it helps us out in so many ways. We're getting so many big breaks and we've got some great people working for us. Everybody at the label is great and we couldn't ask for anyone better on our side."
  • Wolf told Consequence of Sound the story behind the band's name. "I had this band at the time called Suzy's Parlor here in L.A. and it broke apart. I had a small indie deal with the band, but since the band broke apart, the people I worked with at the time decided that we shouldn't keep that name. We were talking one morning and we were like 'Man we gotta find a name. We gotta make it up today. We gotta focus and make a name right now.' We started talking and one of the gentlemen in the room goes, 'You're one helluva liar!' to which I said 'No, I'm not.' I would tell them about these stories about growing up in South Carolina and they'd never believe me, kinda like that movie Big Fish where it would sound like these outlandish lies, but it was pretty true. So he goes. 'You're from Carolina, right?' and I said, 'Yeah.' 'Carolina Liar?' 'Yeah I guess that's a good name.' And he just said 'Nope, I'm taking it. That's the name, we're leaving it at that!' Eventually they let me out of that deal once I started working with Max. They agreed it was a better opportunity to go over to Sweden and learn so much more. Everything's cool and everyone's really happy to hear that the band name is still surviving."

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  • Megan from Stevenson, AlThis song i amazing! Me and my buddy Hannah sing this together! lol We love this song!
  • Justin from Georgetown, Ini hated this song at first being that it played 5x a day when i was at work then about a week after that i started singing it and haven't stopped i like their other single better thou
  • Cale from Monroe, LaI can't believe that this beautiful song hasn't gotten more air play. Maybe is it a romantic song, but I prefer to believe that it is about a man looking for a closer relationship with God that has eluded so many people, just as it has with me. Seems like a lot of radio stations won't play a song with even a hint of religious overtones. I can't get enough of this song. In fact, it was responsible for me dropping another appx. 4K on my sound system.
  • Arezu from Irvine, CaThis song is about a person who desperately is waiting for the Lord to "save him from being confused" and to show him what his path in life is. The person is tempted to sin but does not want to lose themself and so calls for the Lord to not "let go" of them and to help them.

    This song can also, for some, be seen as not a Christian song, but a love song. In this case, it is about a man who is tempted by other woman's temptations but does not want to lose his love for one girl and so asks her to show him that they can be together even though it has been some time that he has loved her and wanted to be with her "I've wanted this far too long". Mistakes to allow for a relationship turn to regrets and he hopes for her to save him from being lost and confused by what he truly wants or what he is looking for.
  • Ashleigh from ?????, MoCome on ppl!! Where are the comments?!! This song rocks!!!
  • Ashleigh from ?????, MoWow. I'm the first to comment. Let me say, I love this song. I crank it up whenever I hear it. This song is about severe longing. It's saying: I know I screwed up before but "save me. I'm lost"
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