With You

Album: Exclusive (2007)
Charted: 8 2


  • Brown sings about how much he loves and needs his girl in this song. The track was produced and co-written by the Norwegian production team StarGate, who were also the team behind Beyoncé's hit "Irreplaceable." A number of critics and bloggers have commented on the similarities between the instrumentation of the two songs.
  • Chris Brown told MTV News about the video: "I co-directed it as well, and it shows me more solo. Like, it shows the grown side of Chris - it doesn't show the kiddie side. 'Cause with this album, I wanted to blend, I wanted to do all different visuals of me. The first [video] 'Wall to Wall,' the acting, the vampires, the spookiness, then you go to 'Kiss, Kiss,' that had the little goofy part, now this one is solo, the main [performer] is me. Me freestyle dancing - just showing people me naturally, not a choreographed routine, just me dancing and showing you what I'm capable of. But at the same time, just having fun with the camera, and just one-on-one time with me and my audience."
  • Bravo HipHop Special magazine asked Chris Brown what this song meant. He replied: "When I heard the song for the first time, it touched me immediately. Therefore it was really easy for me to put my personal feelings and experiences inside it. I think that the secret of the track is that everyone can identify themselves with it no matter how old you are."

    The magazine also asked the R&B singer if he thought about a special person when he person when he performs this song. Brown replied grinning: "The love to my fans is the inspiration for this song. I sing it particularly for them."
  • The lyrics for this song were the most searched for of any tune on Google in 2008.
  • This song topped the charts in several countries including Turkey and New Zealand. In the US it spent six non-consecutive weeks at #2, first behind Flo Rida's "Low," then Usher's "Love in This Club."

Comments: 8

  • Treasure from Charlotte, NcI love this song, I listened to it for 12 hours straight, Chris Brown's voice is amazing, even though some of my friends don't like it cause he messed up years ago, but everybody makes mistakes right? I personally still like him still and I really think this song is amazing, but that's just my opinion.
  • Ashley C from Manchaster, Ohthis song is the best ever i love it. chris brown is sexy!!!!!!!!!! one reaso i love this song is because my boy friend gave me a b-day present when this song was playing.
  • Jessie from Dallas, TxI love this song!!!!!! And Chris Brown is totally amazing ^_^
  • Cristina from Long Beach, Cai think that this song is kool until my boyfriend dedicated it to me then i hated it
  • Kitty from Vancouver, Bci dont really like this song. i think it sounds lame when he says "i need you boo"... thats just my opinion.
  • Mikala from Sacramento, Caths song is my favorite...
  • Bre from Zuni, AlbaniaThis is a really great song!! I love singing along to it!! Haha yea laugh on but hey its so good!!!!
  • Emma from Kansas, KsI LOVE this song So MUCH!!!!!!
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