Scarecrow in the Garden

Album: From A Room: Volume 2 (2017)
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  • Written by Chris Stapleton with Brice Long and Matt Fleener, "Scarecrow in the Garden" tells the story of a desperate West Virginia farmer facing rained-out crops.

    The fields ain't once they once were
    The rains just seem to flood

    By the song's final, ominous moments, the despairing farmer is at the end of his rope.
  • Stapleton admitted to ABC Radio the song is more than a little dark.

    "It's a farming/suicide song for the most part, you know," he laughed. "So it's not exactly like, it's not happy fare at all. But it's a fun story-song - fun's not the right word - but for me it's fun, you know. I love things with story and substance and I feel like lyrically and subject-matter-wise, that thing has all that to me. And I just love the imagery in that song."
  • The song was included on From A Room: Volume 2, which was released seven months after From A Room: Volume 1. However both records were recorded the same time and this was the song that really started it all.

    "That's the very first thing that we recorded," Stapleton explained. "That's the one song I walked into the studio - I mean not for this record, for both of these records - and I said, 'I want to do this song.' And that song has been in my catalog for a bit, and it's been hanging around. You know, nobody recorded it or anything. Maybe it's my inner love of bluegrass murder ballads creeping out."

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  • Cathy Tackitt from Cabool MissouriI love Chris Stapleton almost every song he has done. "Scarecrow in the Garden" set with me the first time I heard it. It has a joyful rhythm and a very real story about farming and Mother Nature having her way along with life's trials and tribulations. Keep writing and recording please.

    Thank you for the opportunity to comment
  • Kd from West VirginiaIn response to Meri from South Carolina: I understand your position, as I have also lost an immediate family member to suicide. I choose to give Chris the benefit of the doubt in this case. I don't think he is referring to suicide as "fun" (he even said "fun's not the right word") but rather, I think the part of him that's a skilled artist, musician, and storyteller enjoys delivering the rich meaning and imagery packed into this song. For an artist, the ability to invoke powerful emotions in your listeners must be the ultimate feeling of success and accomplishment. I believe that's all he intended with that statement.
  • 64 Year Older Guy from GeorgiaChris is one of the best artist in country music. From my memories of the 1960s country music he would have been on top then too. An old soul country music artist. Great song put together with meaning.
  • Asme from GeorgiaDeath is inevitable. As a first generation immigrant this song speaks to me a lot.
  • Tedra from ArkansasI am still hoping the Bible hand won instead of the gun.
  • Sara from OhioNero from South Carolina: how do you know he hasn’t had someone died from suicide?
  • Meri from South CarolinaSo Chris, you find this a "fun" song with substance? If you had ever been on the grieving side of suicide - such as a family member - you may not feel quite the same way.
  • Tim from Houston"There's a scarecrow in the garden and it looks like Lucifer. I've been reading Revelations, with my bare feet in the river" of the best lyrical chorus's ever written.
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