Whiskey And You

Album: Traveller (2015)


  • Chris Stapleton has written a number of songs inspired by whiskey, including a couple of Gary Allan tracks' - "Drinkin' Dark Whiskey" and "Hangover Tonight." This spare cut finds him comparing the heartache of a broken relationship to the pain of a hangover brought on by drinking his sorrow away.
  • The song was originally recorded by Tim McGraw on his 2007 Let It Go album.
  • Chris Stapleton: "I always thought it was one of the better songs I had been a part of so I decided to play it out. Over time it became a song that I was rarely allowed to leave the stage without singing. We went through several versions of recording this song until I finally decided it was best to present it in its original form: me, a guitar and one microphone."

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  • Bronson from VaIt about a man that has a bad problem with alcohol. His woman left him. And he still has a bad problem with alcohol. He drinks because he’s lonesome which he probably did even when he was with her and now that she left him it adds to that lonesomeness and because he can’t stop drinking he stays stuck and he becomes lonesome because he continues to drink... basically he can’t move on. The cycle of an alcoholic.
  • Bw from Texasmeans i can get over the booze, but i cant get over you
  • C.wyatt from TennseessWhat is the true meaning of this song? What does it mean when you receive this song from a man, with the comment Listen.
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