Can't Hold Us Down

Album: Stripped (2002)
Charted: 6 12


  • Aguilera has never confirmed it, but there's a good chance this song is about Eminem, who took a swipe at her in his song "The Real Slim Shady." It is also an attack on the double standard in society where men are praised for their sexual prowess while women with the same habits are looked down upon.
  • Aguilera wrote this with Matthew Morris and her producer Scott Storch. Lil' Kim, who is featured on this song and previously sang with Aguilera on "Lady Marmalade," was dating Storch at the time.
  • Although Lil' Kim is on the final album version, Eve was actually confirmed by Christina even to be the rapper on the track. It was never officially stated why Eve was replaced but Eve has said "people's minds and visions change." >>
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  • Jerro from New Alexandria, PaI'm a huge fan of Christina, but I thought that most of the songs on her Stripped album were filled with too much negativity in them. When I listened to this song and heard the line "Should I keep quiet just because I'm a woman," I thought to myself, "She's not a woman, she's a girl trying to act like a woman!" Fortunately, she managed to change her image and come out with a new album (Back to Basics) that were both for the better!
  • Laura from London, EnglandAnd I have to say aswell, this is exactly WHY she does videos like in 'Dirrty'. She saying she doesnt care about the standards society wants to place on her or what people are gonna call her for doing it. Men do, So she's gonna do it anyway!!!
    I say good on ya girl!
  • Laura from London, EnglandI absolutely adore this song. Fantastic song and lyrics. Re-asserting the message that women ARE still treated like second class citizens all over the world! It just needed a 21st century treatment to it, which thankfully, Christina gave it. BRAVO!
  • Jennifer from Belfast, IrelandI think she probably should have been encouraging both men and women to take some responsibility for their sexual actions. Not saying if man can act like sluts and be praised for it (this does happen) then so should women.
  • Jason from Boise, IdAnd let's not forget that the "empowerment" of this song highly contrasts with her rolling around in mud or pudding or whatever that stuff is in her 'dirrty' video.
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