Life After You

Album: Leave This Town (2009)
Charted: 36


  • This mid tempo plaintive take on loss is one of several tracks on Leave This Town that are lyrically downbeat. MSN asked frontman and main songwriter Chris Daughtry why with all his success he doesn't sound on top of the world. He replied: "I think just for myself as a songwriter, it's easier to write about something that's either hurting you at the time or just a really bad experience that you remember. It's always way more inspiring than a good day. Because when I'm having a good day, the last thing I want to do is sit down and write about it, you know... and, honestly, no one wants to hear that crap. I think everybody tends to think it's about a relationship every time, and it's not always the case. There's other inner struggles; [it] doesn't always have to be a girl. I think a lot of people always go to that place instantly. And then there's other times they hear the songs and go 'Oh my God, I hope that Chris and [Daughtry's wife] Deanna are doing OK.' And, yes, for the record, yes, we're fine."
  • Chris Daughtry penned this number with Chad Kroeger, from Nickelback. He told Rhapsody that Kroeger "is a dear friend of mine, and we toured together. We'd always wanted to do some writing, just never got around to it. So we finally made it happen, and we wrote the song called 'No Surprise' and 'Life After You.'"

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  • Scott from Reading, Pawhen u find that special someone there really is "no life after you"
  • Joann from Portsmouth, Vathis song remind me of my friend and all he has gone thru these past 5 years, hope he will not go back oi when he gets out
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