Over You

Album: Daughtry (2007)
Charted: 18
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  • This song is about a person that had their heart broken by someone they loved but they are now getting past it and moving on. >>
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    Mike - Coopersville, MI

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  • Joclyn from Lovelock, NvThis song fits the worst few months of my life...the guy i loved with all my heart my one and only broke up with me we had been together for over 2 years and one day he just said he wasnt happy and moved out...its been 7months and i still miss him and cry over him and everytime i hear this song i remember that one day the pain will cease and that im better off without him...Daughtry is amazing and this is my favorite song by him.
  • Fernando from Mondragon, PhilippinesThis is a song that reminds me of being rejected by (guess who?) my bestfriend. I love her so much but I realized that it is over. The song ROCKS!!!
  • Laura from Urass, BhutanI think this song is about getting over an alcohol addiction, obviously. I always hated the song until I saw the video and realized what it was about, then it made sense.
  • Jackson from Bemidji, MnChris was in season 5. He got fourth, Elliot Yamin got 3rd, Katherine McPhee got 2nd, and Taylor Hicks got 1st. Jordin Sparks won last year, season 6, and Blake Lewis got 2nd. And of course David Cook beat the other David this year, season 7. BTW.
  • Tori from Houston, TxDUDE i really like Daughtry i wish he had won American idol he waz way better than jordin sparks she sings so nasally!
  • Sarah from Yourass, CtIt's about getting over alcoholism...
  • Landon from Winchester, OhThis song relates a lot to my first girl friend. Her name is Jill. I've always talked to her at school dances, I see her at church, and we talk quite a lot. It seemed like there was a connection, because she asked to take my picture on her cell phone one day and played footsie with the back of my foot. But she was in the 8th grade, and I'm a sphmore, plus she kinda lacks that outer beauty, so I never asked her out. But in the snowball dance of 2007, she asked me out. I thought this would be a nice start at having my first girlfriend, so I said yes. We held hands, danced, and kissed the whole night! I've never experienced anything like that ever! But the high point of our relationship was only for that night. She gave me her home phone number, her cell phone number, and soon enough, I started calling her every day. But she never really called me, even when she asked for my number. I heard that her parents were going through the process of divorce, so I gave her the benefit of a doubt. But the day before Christmas, I found out some tragic news. Her father didn't like me because of my age. Hmm. I guess I couldn't blame him, but if he ever had the chance to meet me, then wouldn't he just let us be together? I mean, I only seen her for about five minutes in the morning at school, and dances, and church. I don't have my license, so I couldn't drive her anywhere or take her to my house! So our relationship lasted about a week after that, then she kept her cell phone off. Constanly in the state of unavailiblity. Finally one day her mom had her cell phone, I got to talk to her. I said "Hey bud!" She snarled "I'm not your bud!" Just listening to the tone of her voice told me something was wrong. Then the call was dropped because it was a cell phone. I tried calling immediately after the signal died, and it went to voice mail. I tried once more, and the phone just kept ringing. This scared the hell out of me. I tried calling her the next day, then the same thing happened. Finally when I went to school Monday, one of her friends gave me a note that said she needs her space, she feels like everyone is smothering her, and she'll see me at the homecoming dance. She stated she will NOT break up with me just because she needs space! Well, I've given her six days by herself, and coming Sunday I was shocked to get a phone call from her. She said, "I wanna make this quick. I'm breaking up with you. It's not you. Bye." My god! She lied to me! For a while, it messed me up to the point where I was having crying spells and trouble eating, but when the next semester came, there's two other awsome girls in my classes! One is shy, stuck-up, and intellectual, but she's pretty. The other is kinda bulky, but pretty.

    Basically, what this Daughtry song explains, is it's gonna hurt when you lose the one you love. But there's some unknown way that everything falls into place and you feel better about losing the one you love. You'll maybe even find someone else. I know I'm better off without her, not every worrying about whether or not she'll call. This song fits my situation perfectly. It's really cool that I downloaded it just before I started dating her.
  • Ashtin from Canada, CanadaMY THEME SONG! when i here it i get SOOO happy lol
  • Arthur from Lakeland, FlThis song is about a person whose loved one left them unexpectedly and they are dealing with the pain of not having them around. They are also finding peace with that person and themselves after a long time of depression.
  • Jc from Baltimore, MdWith a deeper look into this song, and also after watchin a video, you get the idea that this song could not only be about getting over a relationship, but getting over an addiction.
  • Jake from Matawan, NjI?ll tell you what this song is about. It is about two people being in a loving relationship, most likely even married. Then one day out of the clear blue, one person has a change of heart and leaves. They end up selling the house that they had together and splitting up for good never to speak again. After long months of suffering, just when the victim never thinks that the pain will end, they finally get over what occurred and find happiness.
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