Album: All These Countless Nights (2017)
  • Here, James Veck-Gilodi sings about his struggle with alcoholism.

    I was beat down and drunk as hell when I lost my home
    I guess I knew what was coming for me then
    I saw myself in my mothers eyes and I found some hope
    Is it enough for me to start over again?

    Veck-Gilodi remarked that "Fever" is the darkest song on All These Countless Nights and is about heavy drinking and the resulting effects on relationships. During the second verse, he explains how a visit to his mother helped bring change and balance in his lifestyle.
  • The song's music video was shot in Mexico is part three of a bigger story, with the previous two singles "Sing" and "Trigger" being parts one and two.

    "I always loved the idea of having several videos that were all part of a bigger story, I felt like the three singles were perfect for this as they all shared and underlying theme of feeling alienated and out of control," said Veck-Gilodi.


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