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  • Jon Haber put his musical aspirations on hold at the age of 24 to open his own successful New York instrument retail chain, Alto Music. After 25 years of being away, Haber decided that it was time to return to being a guitarist in a band. Despite the fact that Haber was not performing all those years, he was still writing songs. One day in February of 2013, Haber had the urge to gather all the tunes to properly record them, and, ultimately, marking the beginning of the DEC3 project.

    In our interview, Haber recalled why he wanted to make the album: "I figured that I had all these great songs, ones that I really like and thought that people will like them, too. I went about getting that together and as I started doing it, I started writing and I became very prolific. So most of the songs on the record are new ones - eight of the 12 are new ones that I'd written."
  • Jon Haber figured that he could play most of the instruments and produce the album himself. Chris Saulpaugh, who Haber has collaborated with on all his songs throughout the years, covered the vocal duties. Haber needed a drummer so the final piece to the puzzle was enlisting the help of his co-worker and friend, Mike Kalajian. Haber named the project DEC3 after realizing that all three men were born in different decades.
  • "Sunshine" is the seventh track on DEC3's debut self-titled album and one of the oldest songs on it. Jon Haber explained in our interview his intention for the tune, saying: "It was one of the ones that when I started this project I said that I was going to re-do."

    Chris Saulpaugh recorded the vocals for it in 2000 and re-did some parts for the new version. "We popped in six vocal lines that I changed a few things lyrically but you can't even tell," revealed Haber.
  • Haber unveiled to us the true meaning of this summer jam: "Everybody has their thing that helps them get through the day, be it religion, drugs, booze, or yoga. But, of all the things, the best thing is just love."


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