Album: Ultra (1997)
Charted: 23 88
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  • Martin Gore, who sang lead on the track, wrote this song as a confession about alcohol addiction. He mentioned the song in several interviews as his personal favorite underrated by others. >>
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    Weller - Basingstoke, England

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  • Paola from Los Angeles One of the best songs ever in my opinion has been in my go to cry playlist for a couple of years
  • Juan Simon from Puebla, MexicoDefinitely my favorite DM song. So underrated.
  • Zoey from SinnohI honestly thought that this song was about homosexuality before I came here. In the video, it seemed this guy was going around "cursing" people, the stylish person looking in the mirror could be a woman or a drag queen, and the people of opposite sexes often look sad, as if they just discovered one of them is not happy in the relationship because they're gay, the guy paying off the other guy in this context could be trying to "pay his way to heaven".

    The song is great, but it's very general, which makes it versatile but also means that it's harder to grasp what it's about, and makes it seem like it could just attach and apply to almost any video/occasion.
  • Jules from OregonThis is my favorite DM song and I have many! The relief and gratitude that he expresses to find his way back from addiction is palpable. So underrated.
  • Waseem Afzal from IslamabadA song from the grave; sheets clinging to the body!
  • Chai from Los Angeles, Cathere are rumors that this is written about dave gahan for example the lines, "I thank you for bring me here, For showing me home, For singing these tears..."
    its perfect because Gore sings them instead of Gahan. It was written around the time Gahan got really sick and the band almost broke up for good.
  • Miras from Astana, KazakhstanWhat does the bald person in black in this music video symolize? God? Life? Death?
  • David from GosportThis has to be my alltime favourite Depeche Mode track. The strings are amazing. Martin Gore is an excellent songwriter. I think what makes this song special is the production by Tim 'Bomb The Bass' Simenon.
  • Guy Scherf from Hertzelia, IsraelThis song have one of the best/touching
    video clips! go watch it.
  • Mr. Rs from D.f., MexicoJUST WATCH THE VIDEO
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