Album: Believe (2002)
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  • According to Disturbed frontman David Draiman, the band's second studio album is "about questioning your beliefs to determine what you really can believe in." The title track focuses on toxic religious devotion that's built on lies: "Believe when you lie, teaching the art of deception. It is the teacher speaking to the student. The theologians continuing their legacy of lies. For the perpetuation of such false beliefs, penance can't absolve your sin."

    At the time, Draiman was livid at the prominent Christian preachers who used the 9/11 terrorist attacks as an opportunity to chastise rather than comfort their flock.
  • Draiman expounded upon the album's theme in an interview with Guitar World. He said, "Everything is tied together under the one universal theme of 'believe,' and all the songs deal with different aspects of that - self-belief, belief in God, belief in the future of humanity, belief in the potential for love and relationships, belief in life after death. And of course, there are songs that touch on all the changes that are going on in the world. The world is a radically different place than it was when we released our first record, and I feel that it's our responsibility to reflect that. Another album like The Sickness would be redundant in today's times, and it probably wouldn't be what the world needs, or what we need, even. We have to believe in something. We have to have hope."
  • The album art combines symbols from many different religions - such as the Christian cross, the Islamic crescent, the Jewish Star of David, and the Wiccan pentacle - into one symbol. Draiman explained its significance during the Music As A Weapon II Tour, saying, "The symbol that you see elevated above the set behind me is a symbol of universal belief."
  • Draiman, who was born to Jewish parents, was sent to a number of Orthodox schools but rebelled against their strict guidelines (he wasn't allowed to watch television, read magazines, or hang out with girls) because he wanted to live like an average teenager. That didn't change as he got older. His pursuit of a secular path in heavy metal caused a rift with his devout grandfather, which inspired the Believe single "Prayer."

    These days, he doesn't call himself religious but he's proud of his Jewish heritage. "I'm very proud of it," he told Metal Hammer in 2016. "Who am I to deny what six million people died to preserve. Both of my grandparents on my mother's side were in the camps and survived, but their entire families were wiped out completely. I have a tremendous sense of pride, and also for the continued existence for the state of Israel, pride in perpetuating the prosperity and the peace, hopefully one day, of the Jewish homeland. I'm also an American and I love living in the United States. As much as I sometimes disagree with what our policy makers do, I love my country. I'm proud to be an American, I'm proud to be Jewish and I'm proud to be a member of this band."
  • Believe was the band's first album to debut at #1 in the US, selling 284,000 copies in its first week.

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  • Chad from Hendersonville TnThe way you interpret the song is in fact between you and God. If you sing it to him in worship then that’s what it is. If you sing it to somthing else then that’s what it is. The “Christians” that are judging saying you will go to hell for this or going to hell for that are In fact religious and what makes a nonbeliever not want to believe at all. The most important law in the New Testament is love, point blank simple. Everything you do is between you and god, no one else. Never let someone judge you for not believing, a true Christian will love you either way. The only judgment that matters is the one in the end. Think about it you non believers “what if” there is a god and you never accept Jesus as your savior? Uh-oh... What if there “isn’t a god and you do accept Jesus and live by the Bible? If you truly understand the word of god then you have lived your life to the fullest without a wasted moment and in the end you have no regrets. My heart and faith is all in for Jesus but that didn’t mean I’m perfect and in times of struggle my faith is tested (it’s hard to believe there is a god) but it always pulls through and that in turn strengthens my belief for the next struggle. Sorry I’ve preached enough. I love you all peace out.
  • Shane Stamper from MontanaThe band's album symbol of course....Yes, is of 4 different faiths/religions. Pentacle (Pagan) , Star of David (Judaism), a Crescent Moon which is associated with Islam (but Islam has no official symbol), and a Cross (Christianity).

    I have been heavy into not only studying religion but I am also a singer/songwriter who loves to study about both, along with other various topics. I am also a firm believer in God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. The song describes you must believe you are living a lie, deny yourself, pick up your cross and follow. In order to get into heaven, you must first accept The Son (Christ) because by accepting him is the only way to get to the Father (God). Not only that, but you must learn and example all the teachings of the gospel by following what Jesus taught, and follow God's Law, Will and Word as well, not live in religion, the world, it's views, or anyone elses opinionated views of anything, amongst many other sins.

    I have also seen throughout my walk in life how many people claim God and Jesus but do not follow correctly. They are out for self-gratification, self-righteous, false prophesizing, self-justification, earning their grace, idolization, to simplify, out for themselves and too blinded by what they are doing. Religion, which is of Satan, is HUGE in this world. This is why the road to Heaven is narrow and only few see it. There willbe many who will be cast into the Lake of Fire. Most believe that just because they have accepted Christ, they will automatically get into heaven. Wrong! If that was the case, then why does the Gospel state otherwise?

    As for penance, Jesus took the beatings in the cross. That's why you surrender to him and let him take the beatings for you instead of punishing or beating yourself up and not taking Vengeance on others. Vengeance is God's to repay only.

    The gospel also states to live at peace with everyone if all possible. Even with people of other religions. Not to talk about religion with them, not to give into their religious preference or example what they believe in, just to get along and make the right decisions towards each other as God and Jesus would want you to do and realize even if they don't believe in God or Christ, God still gave them life, and will always love them, even if they never accept him, but of course, doesn't mean they will be accepted into heaven but thrown into hell instead.

    I know this because I have spent much time studying the gospel, also taking on ministry opportunities. Plus having extensive wisdom in music, a song like this, makes it simple to clarify what it truly means.

    It's quite ignorant how you all sit here and squabble over opinions about things that you know nothing about. Put some time, effort, and research into these type of things before misleading people thinking you know it all and realize the greatest wisdom doesn't come from the flesh, religion, or man in itself, but rather from God and what his gospel "truly" states.
  • David from Palm Beach, FloridaThe song is saying that Religion and believing in God is a Lie, and how much pain it has caused and how we are haunted by the people that have killed by religion. And "Penance cant absolve your sin" means religious punishment doesn't justify anything you have done.
  • Carlos from San Juan, Puerto RicoThis song is about anti-Christianity. Why did songfacts accept that description by Casey Faris? If anything the cover of the album gives us the answer. They lumped the Cross with an inverted cross, a pentagram, an inverted pentagram, a hexagram, an unicursal hexagram, the pagan moon goddess symbol, and God knows what else.
  • Tom from Rome , NyI don't even know where I would start after so many comments but I'll say this. Christians, like myself do tend to over analyze lyrics becuz we want to justify our musical inclinations, especially to our parents. I don't have to worry about that. That being said I downloaded this album to explore the bands motives toward my belief. I think that this song is more mocking Christianity in that it keeps calling "you" a liar. Also the Trinity is not a new belief that's an uneducated statement. And being Jewish by nationality is different from being a Jew by religion. Christianity was spread through Jews and I have never met a Jew who could rationally explain how Jesus is not their Messiah. My email is feel free to contact me positive or negative.
  • Andrew Tunguska from Singapore, SingaporeReligion that you talk about here perhaps kind of Judeo Paganism. Draiman is jewish but he is not kind of orthodox/conservative jews. That kind of symbols is very strong sense. So beneath Judeo Paganism, you may explore more, where you may found Leader of darkness in black attire, chained for sometime arise someday. This will correlated with Messianic jews which also you may find close related with christian evangelic. It is also close related with Freemason, thats why you see the symbol there seems like all religion symbol, but indeed is a pagan symbol. There is a horn there appear like moon crescent upward, symbolized the leader, strong sense in satanic, a big dark force behind it.

    So up to you to judge how good and evil, from your own perceptive.
  • Zophia from Nunya, FlI believe this song is against organized religion and I have trouble seeing how anyone can interpret it otherwise. Burn your lie into me... Penance can't absolve your sin. All your belief cannot absolve your sin. I don't know much about other religions, but these things go against the basic tenets of Christianity (believe & ask forgiveness, and you will be saved). Seems pretty clear cut to me... always has. I never even thought of interpreting it another way. And to be honest, I think a lot of people are doing so because they desperately don't want that to be its message. =/
  • Derek from Camden, NcI'll tell you what i BELIEVE, i think this is a song of judgement, not of the sinners but of the saints or so called believers, not just one religion but ALL religions, " you live your life like you want to, recognize all you've come to" speaking of so many hypocrites that judge those you claim to be lost, yet your so blinded with faith you cant see your own sin, you push those away that your supposed to "save" and show nothing but kindness and love to, are you so selfish that salvation or some form of a happy afterlife is your only reason for belief? so please condemn me, tell me i'm going to hell, i'll know why i'm there, will you? and for those that dont believe in a god, at least believe in yourself, believe that you are stronger than this worlds horrors and you'll survive.
  • Jacob from Jackson, TnBoyd from Tolsa, OK, none of Disturbed's songs bash religion. David was raised as a Jew, he just doesn't follow the religion. He believes in God, and the whole purpose of this album was for that: believing in God.
  • Boyd from Tulsa, OkOK here's the deal. (Coming from someone that has studied religion on a post-graduate level, and this is ONLY an opinion, not something said to get a forum fight started. lol!) But David D. was raised Jewish, his lyrics and the songs that this band sings (regardless of how good I personally think they are) normally tend to bash religion. Not that it is a bad thing or whatever. The band Disturbed is made of four different guys with four different religious views, the album artwork is the mixture of the world's major religious-or non religious-views, that exists in our country at least. Nonetheless they don't effect the great music that is produced by the band. As far as the comment on the Trinity...coming from a former United Pentecostal Church pastor, with a Doctorate in Divinity, you need to research the Council of Nicaea that took place in 325AD under the Roman Empire Constantine. Previous to the Creed of Nicaea being written it was a firm believe among most Christendom that God the Father and Jesus Christ were one in the same and not two separate entities. The bishops of what is now know as the Roman Catholic Church disputed the deity of Christ and therefore the view of Trinity was formed in 325AD at the Council of Nicaea. Previous to this event the only form of baptism that occurred was in water of full submersion and with the "name of Jesus Christ and of fire" being spoken of the one being baptized. After this the trinitarian form of baptism with "name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit came about. All of which occurred approx (and agreed by most church historians 298 after the death of Christ.
  • Tyler from Here , InDavid Draiman is jewish and athiest. he believes in his jewish religion but in dark times and in some other trivial times he questions wheither a god is possible. so jewish and athiest. :)
  • Dan from Tiffin, Oh"Reap your life
    Veiled in shadow
    Faces of the crucified
    I can hear their screams tonight
    Ever haunting me"
    I think this part of the song has to deal Jesus dying on the cross, and when he sins he is 'veiled in shadow' and when he does sin he thinks of Jesus dying for OUR sins and this haunts him. If you do not repent or recognize Jesus as THE saviour you WILL burn in hell for eternity where there will be "wailing and grinding of teeth"
  • Evan from Kck, KsSome of their lyrics are obviously Anti-Religion. Whether that's targeted towards one, several or all religions isn't clear. Or if this is David's belief or some of the other band members or if the entire band thinks this way. But what really matters is how YOU interpret the lyrics.
  • Dylan from Rp, CaFor the song, 'Believe,' it is not pushing religion at all. When you quoted "'To renew your faith in God you must believe'" you didn't continure the line, though you put the other piece a couple lines down. Instead the song says "To renew your faith in God you must believe in your lie." Trying to scew the song wont help your opinion. And for the band, it is about everyone, with religion or not coming together, as you can see for their logo, it contains more than one belief. As for what Mr. Draiman sings, he sings of religious beliefs, war, faults in religious beliefs, such as how not all christains are perfect and sin all of the time. Finally, as for David's personal religious beliefs, this can be debated, but from my searches and from what I've seen from interviews, I think he does believe in God, but realizes religion isn't perfect and how he knows that he, himself, isn't a perfect christian.
  • Trey from Celina, Ohok, first off i would like to point out that i am christian, haven't always been a very christian minded person and i grew up with listening to disturbed so i still like them. would also like to point out christian's are sinners too, i'm not perfect and i don't judge. judge me if you want, don't care. your not my judge. anyway. my opinion is david is not pointing out any religion, nor is he trying to push religion on any body. take a look at the lyrics of the new album. he sings things like (I know now!
    It's all been a lie
    And I'll never come to know why) and (You're frightened, so am I
    A world of demons wait
    Watching the movements and filling my heart with hate
    You're burning, so will I
    When I awake and discover how I have been ravaged by your
    Dishonored by your world
    Your world
    I'm haunted by your world)and (Too dark for forgiveness, I
    Can't seem to do anything right
    When I try to rebuild I see my humble shelter
    Just fall to the ground again). along with many other words that caught my attention. i think he is aware he's lost but doesn't know what to believe. the mix of religious symbols can also be a clue to that. he is becoming either angry or disappointed because of all the lies in this world. and he's simply had enough. he relies on his inner strength. he points that out directly thats not my judgement.
  • Lance from Philadelphia, PaAlso. "After attending Yeshiva High School at the Wisconsin Institute for Torah Study in Milwaukee, he also went to South Shore High School in Brooklyn, the Fasman Yeshiva High School and Ida Crown Jewish Academy in Chicago, and Valley Torah High School in North Hollywood, California, he spent the 1991-1992 academic year at the Neveh Zion Yeshiva "NEVEH" (not Ner Jake) in Telz-Stone, Jerusalem. Draiman then triple majored in Business Administration, Philosophy and Political Science at Loyola University." Yea, a Christian who goes to Jewish high school, lived in Israel, then went to TORAH STUDY HIGHSCHOOL. Righttt...
  • Lance from Philadelphia, PaLivewire: You're Jewish, correct?

    David: Oh yeah.

    Livewire: Are you religious?

    David: No, not at all.

    Taken from a direct interview with David Draiman. Whether someone believes in god or not is irrelevant We are all one family.

    Also, for Derrick, Chico, CA, if you listen to XTC's 'Dear God', what at first seems like bashing may in fact not be as it seems. Youtube that song and see what I mean.

    Chas, Webster from NY, he was raised to be a RABBI, and was going to go to school for it. Its the Jewish equivalent of a preacher.

  • Alex from Leeds, United KingdomThe band's religion has not been confirmed.
    The symbol of the CD "Believe"contains a Pagan Star, a Jewish Star of David, a Moon of Islam, and a cross for Christianity.
    David Draiman is Jewish, Dan Donnegan was raised Catholic but doesn't really follow it, the other two don't follow religion.
  • Scott from Worland, Wyto steve in fargo nd. the crecent moon and star is a muslim (or islam )symbol. if you don't beleive me just type islam symbol in your browsers image search and see what pops up. and has for dave's beleifs or anybody elses in the bands, does it really matter? i'm sure the lot of you don't listen to disturbed for their religious aspects.
  • Chris from Prestonsburg, KyYou have got to be kidding me? Honestly, is finding out the religion of a guy that important. You all are like the goddamn media and press. David is Christain, David is Jewish, David is Wiccan, David is Satanic...Goddamn. Interviews aren't going to tell you what he is, because there's these things called lies. Usually people tell them when they want to keep something secret. I bet David gets a quarter of his money through just people talking about what religion he is. And the lyrics to a song, any song, most of all isn't going to tell you what religion David is because he's not the only one who writes the lyrics. Why do you always assume that it's the singer who writes the lyrics? It's a song, the BAND, is the one who writes the song, not just David. Anyone of their songs could be about anyone of the band members. They could all be different religions, or the same. Personally, unless you're the member themeselves or part of their immidiate family, you're never going to know for sure. You're just guessing over and over. If David id Satanic, let him raise those devil horns. If he's Jewish, let him wear the Star of David around his neck. If he's Wiccan, let him be a tree hugger. For all anyone knows, he could be Agnostic or Atheist, not even have a damn religion. By argueing what he is, you're just wasting time. As for the cover art...well hell, how do you know they just didn't put some religious designs together to make it look cool. Almost everyone on here is acting as if everything has a hidden meaning behind it. Truth is, not everything does have a hidden meaning, it's just there. Example:


    Now is that series of lines a tiny face blussing, or is it just a random order of lines to make something that looks cool?

    Why know someone elses religion? Is it going to effect what you think about them; about how you listen to their music from then on; about wether you're even going to listen to their music anymore? I know it's a fun fact to know but you're never going to truly know.
  • Aerba from Orem, UtI believe he is stating that there is truth in all things. There is just one universal religion and we all have to find it for ourselves. No one is above another.
  • Babatunde from Lagos, NigeriaI think David is crossed between so many ideas that he is expresses a lot of his fears in his lyrics. in as much as i enjoy his songs i cant help but read between his lines and realize that he is close to becoming anti-christian which bothers on satanism. listing to the sickness then progressing to believe. is seeming an ascent into commercial success but a descent into degenerative lyrics more like Ozzy Osborne and spine shank or slipknot. and mind you the margin is very narrow
  • Zachariah from New York, NyI actually attended the same Yeshiva in Israel that david draiman went to. He studied at neveh zion in telshe stone (about 30 min bus ride from Jerusalem). I also know people who went to his high school with him. There is a rumor that he set his rabbis car on fire there.. Supposedly though in yeshiva he was a quiet kid. Not necessarily good nor bad, just kinda passive (surprising huh?)
    As for the lyrics here,
    All your belief CANNOT absolve your sin
    he's poking holes in the christian belief (not all christian, but within many sects of) where they believe that regardless of how heinous your crime may be, as long as you accept the "saviour" you'll be forgiven.
    Here they are saying all your beliefs, regardless of the strength of them cannot absolve the crime you committed.
  • Blaine from Charlotte, NcEveryone has the right to believe what they want. Christianity isn't damning any religion, but simply following one just like them all. I am personally Christian, but still love this band. I think David Draiman is Jewish. Maybe Wiccan, because there is stuff going around that he is. Who knows? Only him.
  • Cyndi from Ashford, WaI listened to an interview with Dave Draiman and our local DJ in Seattle when Disturbed was here for Ozzfest. They touched on the subject of religion and at that time rumors were going around that Dave was Wiccan. The DJ point blank asked him if he was Wiccan, he replied "YES", but he is very private about it and only discussed the fact that it is not evil or about the devil. It is a nature religion. I am also Wiccan and that is the reason I love them so much, and they make awesome music. The lead singer of Godsmack is also Wiccan and studied with a very well known Wiccan Priestess who's name escapes me right now. So you can say he is Jewish (he was born Jewish) or christian (not even). The star of David is a six pointed star. The Wiccan symbol is a five pointed star surrounded by a circle. On one of their CD's there is the five pointed star with a circle around it, it is a Wiccan pentacle. If you are in doubt of his religious choice just do a search on him and some where you will find it. He is not christian.
  • Sean Henry from San Antonio, Txokay some of you tend to attack others opinions but hey, here's mine. i never thought it had to do with just david d. keep in mind, its a band, not a singer. clearly the symbol has something to do with the religions. and obviously its showing some sort of unity. ergo, one symbol as opposed to multiple. lets keep it simple, it displays unity of religions, as in they all have something in common, and that's right, you guessed it, because i'd be willing to bet that part is open to interpretations. that's the point, to create discussion. case and point; this bulletin board.
  • Steve from Fargo, Ndi dont know if this was mentioned but the Crescent moon with the star represents the Goddess wiccan
  • Stephen from Mandan, NdI really hate to be the one to point this out but
    he says "to renew your faith in god you must believe in your LIE" and "Recognize, all you've come to
    Reap your life, veiled in shadow
    Recognize, faces of the crucified
    I can hear their screams tonight
    Ever haunting me

    Burn your lie"

    i personaly don't think he's speaking kindly of christianity which is another indication that there is no christian in the band i may also be wrong but "Burn your lie into me" and the religious symbols on the album cover can be explained many ways if you open the album booklet you'll see they break it down for you and you will notice that the cross is really a circle broken apart into four segments by a cross going through the circle which is a pre-christian pagan symbol of the gon of the sun it is not a christian symbol of the cross the star of david may be there because dave was born into a jewish family and the pentacle because dave claims himself as following more of a wiccan path now the crescent is the confusing one becuase it could go both wiccan or islamic but islamic may be a better option remember everyone this is my personal opinion but i believe its a gathering of religions that are condemned or damned by christianity
  • Chantal from Oxfordshire, United Kingdombrad...... yeah totaly mate.
    go for it, i did it got tatt.
    exactly know wat ya saying here.
    rite on the mark
  • Brad from Yaphank, Nywould it be bad to get a tattoo of the album cover if you kidna feel the symbol is a meaning of peace? that all religions should stop fighting and let each other believe what they want
  • Chantal from Oxfordshire, United Kingdomthe albumn cover totally rockzzzzz.
    great alumn too.
    i hav the mixed symbol as a tattoo. its just taking. even tho i am not religious.
    but i am a big supporter and i respect david.
    C frm UK
  • Timothy from Alamogordo, NmOn the cover of the Believe CD you have a mix of for religious symbols. One for each member of the band. The Star of David(Jewish), The Pentacle(Pegan)The Crescent(Islam) and the Cross(Christian. No one song on any of the albums os pro religion. They are very critical of religioun and are trying to show the hypocracy behind religion.
  • Joe from East Lansing, MiChris & Nathan, there was no single event where the trinity emerged full fledged as a whole new idea but it clearly originated over two hundred years after Jesus' death. The average person's shallow, dogmatic understanding of religon hides the rich intellectual history that produced these ideas. Ideas like the trinity evolved over hundreds of years of deep philosophical debate combining christianity with the established classical ideas of Plato and Aristotle. Didn't you know that Jesus was the incarnated Logos? And that was just the rationalist phase...
  • Cris from Lincoln, CanadaThe Trinity was not decided in 300, read the Early Church Fathers, it was voted on because one of the bishops was preaching heresy, get your facts strait please.
  • Mike from Winter Park, FlI'm not quite sure the meaning of the song, but I do know that the song "Stupify" contains Jewish phrases within it and I believe that it is a reference to prejudice from a girl's parents because of his Jewish heritage. Also, on the Ozzfest 2001 CD, David opens with "When this s*** kicks in, I want to see all of my brothers and sisters of the lord turn into one sea of motherf***ing pits!"
  • Lily from Salem, VaDavid is Jewish. He does believe in God, but he isn't religious. None of the songs are about Christianity as I stated above, he is JEWISH. They are spiritual, however.
  • Jared from Shawnee, Okk,so is the band christian or what.Just give me an answer
  • Sammie from Boston, MaOK Lets's see the song is about David's religion why cant you guys just get along?
  • Sammy from S.f., CaPeople! He isn't singing about religion, he is singing about faith! there is a thin line, religions require faith, but he isn't singing about religions! you can have faith in anything! he is telling you to have faith in something you feel is worthwhile. and to the second comment, i agree, all songs should have their own meaning to different individuals, perhaps more than one. so stop talking about what religion he is singing about and leave it that he is talking about a very vage aspect.
  • Meshal from Chevychase, MdListen people unlike many of you who disagree with what Iam going to say,the diffrence is I have proff. David draiman may be jewish But he sayed him self he wasent religious in an interveiw on this site Their your proff before this go to the site and see for your self.

    Secound the song isn't about telling others to Beliveing, Reather it's a RESPOUNCE to his grandfather about telling other's to believe, he may be jewish BUT not religius and this song is judgeing those who judge so called non-believers.

    I may not be jewish or even theistic but i do agree with the man so y conservative theists get a life and stop judgeing other's.
  • Esther from Sauwerd, NetherlandsIt's a great song, everybody who doesn't agrees should see a shrink.
    For the meaning of this song, personally I think we're just guessing. And maybe David's just laughing now, 'cause he ment something totally different. But does the true meaning really matters? Is that why you like a song, play it often? I don't believe that. Everybody has his own thoughts with this song, I think those are the ones that count. Feel whatever you feel, scream it out loud and put your own meaning in the song.
  • Mahir from Detroit, MiIm sorry but many of you dont see the real point of this song. first, to the guy who said that you only have to belive in christ to enter heaven. i think i have a better chance of getting in as a muslim than hitler does as a christian. and that is exactly what draiman is saying. "all your belif cannot absolve your sin." you can belive al you can but the truth is when you sin you will be punished, just because you belive in christ as the son doesnt mean youll automaticaly be fine. god doesnt care what religioun you are, as long as you follow a true path of richeousness. sorry cant spell.
  • Marie from Tuscaloosa, AlAs for David's religious history? he "grew up in a very religious christian home, where he fisrt tasted rebellion" according to Raphsody.
  • Marie from Tuscaloosa, AlI know it was a while back, but Josh said "In all respect and sincerity. what possesses people to believe so strongly in religion? It's like Santa Claus in a way. Magic, Miracles, and no real, solid proof. Not to say God's not real. But it gets you pondering."

    There is a whole lot of proof that God is real. First of all, no one has ever been able to prove the bible wrong, however hard they try. Second of all, there are mentions of scientific knowledge in the bible that did not exist in the times we know it was copied down in. One common mistake many poeple make is to seperate God and science. God made science, he is not seperated from it. Alot of people will say, when a new scientific discovery is made, "see? thats not God, that's science" but science happens that way BECAUSE God made it do it that way. aside from what the bible says, there are many other things proving that that God exists. It is too long a list to exaustivley explain, but if one were to look for proof, one would find it.
  • Broly from Queens, Nyif david draiman belives in god how come at a festival he said "comon everybody put your god D*** devil hrons in the sky!"i dont get it
  • Vince from Rawrleigh, NcI like Disturbed, but so often people want to lump religion and its various flavors together and assume they're similar on atleast one binding aspect. It's a dangerous thing to even begin to suggest that this is a safe move. It does matter what you believe in, and it does matter that you believe truth. There is a lot out there that claim they are the way, but so often it really isn't. Whether you want to accept this or not, there is a Satan, and it's his job to keep you from having the truth. Notice there are many ways to be sidetracked into thinking it is impossible to follow God's word.
  • Josh from Erlanger, KyIn all respect and sincerity. what possesses people to believe so strongly in religion? It's like Santa Claus in a way. Magic, Miracles, and no real, solid proof. Not to say God's not real. But it gets you pondering.
  • Liz from Petersburg, VaI found an interesting site while looking for why David was expelled from five schools. for anyone who wants to see it, and I would recommend you do. Its supposedly a site where you can post quotes from magazines or shows or whatever and there are two long columns on David from the August 31, 2003 issue of Circus, KINGS OF METALLIC MAJESTY:DISTURBED. When enterviewed about his adolescence, he replied, "Of course I did a lot the things they accused me off but mostly they were harmless pranks like setting my friends up on dates with girls but that only earned me a reputation as a pimp - can you believe that? I took the principal's car ONCE for a joyride and over night I became a car thief, everything was so grossly exaggerated, it's almost unbelievable." The interview has a lot of things from his life, and yes, a lot of it was very sad. I can see why he thinks religion is corrupt, I mean a drunken rabbi (his teacher) 'clocked' him in the face repeatedly because the rabbi didn't like David. "But the singer from Disturbed is not one to put the blame on religion as a whole, he always stressed the fact that he doesn't mind religion and considers himself as a spiritual person who does believe in a greater being, the thing he does not like about organized religions is the fact that people make up the rules and try to force others to conform to them in the name of religion, but for him it is not just religion that is to blame." David does respect his heratige and goes by two important rules, that he has no tatoos and that he doesn't eat non-kosher meat. David says that he's past the point where he rebels for the sake of rebelling. It's a good article and shows a lot about David.
  • Josiah from Cambrige, Mni guess they couldnt hear what i had to,i know thats not what happend but it must have gotten to full and it emptyed its self.
  • Josiah from Cambrige, Mndid they get rid of my last posting i cant see it any more?
  • Liz from Petersburg, VaYou're awesome, Josiah ^_^ Never silence your views.
  • Liz from Petersburg, VaI do agree that religion is a very touchy subject because so many people have different views on it. It's hard to express how you truely feel about such strong topics because there are so many critics waiting to put you back out of the limelight. I feel the reason as to why so many of those critics view Disturbed as satanic is due to the fact that the band asks their listeners to question their beliefs. Those who turn their minds from the opportunity to discover what the true messages are behind the songs hear of the band's request to question things in life and view it as a rebellious comment against God and everything religious. Those people must think that Disturbed is trying to turn everyone against God, which I think is untruthful. Religion has become so divided, questioning beliefs becomes neccissary even to the most devoted. Christians depict God as a source of kindness and forgiveness; however, parts in the Bible depicts God as strict and punishable. I am a Christian and I believe in God, however I have a hard time believing in religion. Religion has been corrupted because it seems that people have formed religion into the way they want to see it. Disturbed is not trying to change anyone from their religion or "bash" it for that matter. It does not matter to the band if you believe in God or not, just as long as whatever you believe in, you believe in it strongly.
  • Andrew from Seattle, WaReligion is a VERY touchy subject.

    The main thing you must ask yourself when questioning other's beliefs is this:
    Can there be faith without devotion?
    Can there be spirituality without a focal point?

    The main reason a lot of people get up-and-arms about Draiman's "bashing" is that he's being critical of something they view as such a part of themselves.
    The thing that I would ask you to consider is WHY does it cut you?
    WHY do the comments cause your hair to stand up?

    Is it because it's pointing out a flaw that you are painfully aware of?

    My thoughts on this song cause me to believe that this song is pointed at those of ALL faiths who blindly stagger in line, whether they have honestly taken their "faith" to heart or not.

    This song, to me, is an observation pointed at not just one faith, but many. Maybe even all. It's pointed at those who will preach to others things that they, themselves have not fully accepted.

    Some might call that hypocrisy.
  • Nathan from Defiance, OhDon't worry Josiah that wasn't rude, I can respect your views. And you're right about Jesus not being a white dude, he was middle eastern. I'm just saying for those of us who the "Lord" has failed to prove his existence to, it seems foolish and somewhat shallow to devote your life to something you can't understand, see, or feel. Every religion attempts to answer questions no humans know. And most do a poor job anyway. You probably know like many religions, the bible was pieced together by many differnt authors in differnt centuries. Its contradictory (read John Luke and Mark's accounts), silly (read Noahs Ark, Jonah and the whale), and petty (see poor old Job). Its obviously a book of fairy tales, which makes anyone who believes in it seem somewhat naive. By the way Chrisianity stole the virgin birth from a religion called the Zoroasterians. The holy trinity was decided by top church brass at Nicea in the 300s. And every church ever established is corrupt.
  • Nathan from Defiance, OhFor all you people that care, The Da Vinci Code is a work of fiction, the Pentagram is not a satanic symbol, and anyone who feels they need to believe in some ultimate truth to give their life value are fools. Old Books, superstitions, and what your parents tell you does not equate into truth or reality.
  • Mike from New Milford, PaI just had a conversation with Dave on monday after the concert in Scranton, he believes in God and believes in purpose for everything. He doesn't consider himself Christian, he thinks Christianity has been corrupted. He doesn't believe in any religion. He knows the basics of getting to heaven, and believes it. I have to agree with him and I'm a what people would call a "Christian".
    But in all, David DOES believe in Jesus and believes he died for our sins and the only way to get to Heaven is through Christ and Christ alone. He even told me "The best way to live is for God."

  • Julien from Marksville, La"The cross, star of david, creasent moon, and satanic star."
    That's not the satanist pentagram.
    It's a pagan pentacle. The satanist one is
    inverted (upside down).
    Also, I believe that Disturbed are spiritual, but do
    not necessarily belong to any organized religion.
  • Jason from Mccalla, AlHello. It concerns me that anyone would admire this bands "religion." Religion in and of itself will not get anyone into Heaven. Only accepting Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord can do that. If any of you are truly seeking religion, check in with a good Bible believing Church. I admit there are many hippocratic churches around so be careful what you believe. There music does sound good by the way but there message is wrong. Also, believing in God does not get you into Heaven, even the demons believe...James 2:19
  • Brittany from Niagara Falls, CanadaDavid Draiman is not neccessarily religious, but he was raised jewish-orthodox. When he decided to rebel against that and chose to become a rockstar his grandfather was upset and after he died he produced the album Believe as a response to his death, for more info go to:
  • James from Chillicothe, Oh

    Check out this site. It has all the lyrics and meanings behind every Disturbed song.

    Also, to clear things up. David was raised Jewish and the other 3 were raised Catholic. On their website it states that they do not believe in religion but they do believe in God and they are a spiritual band.

    You idiots who think the pentacle is a satanic symbol need to get your facts straight. Read "The Da Vincie Code." You'll learn about symbols of the church and world and the meaning behind many things to do with modern religion.

    I think you people who just assume need to LIBERATE your minds.
  • Marty Vickers from Graceville, FlDisturbed are the gods of heavy metal.I love everysong in all the disturbed cd's from believe the sickness tribute to Disturbed and more.but my favorite song is liberate.and i agree with derrick i don't think david is very religous.chris he does belive in god.

    disturbed 4 life!
  • Barry from Fayette, AlIf you have read david draiman's comments on the meaning of the believe album, he clearly states that he does not believe in organized religion and that disturbed is a more spiritual band. I agree totally with what Glenn Mildenhall said in his comments. All disturbed is saying is that whatever you believe in, believe in it strongly without doubt or you truly dont believe. It even states this on the inside of the album cover, with a quote from david draiman.
  • Nathan from Solomon, KsOk. I am a member of the forum. To make a few points, I think that you are all idiots to say that David is anti-religious. He is jewish. The songs portray his ideas and the ideas of his band, not of any particular faith. Believe what you believe and that is all. And the symbols are the Islamic Crescent Moon, The Star of David, The Cross and the PENTAGRAM, yes a pagan symbol, not satanic, not anarchy. Pagan, Wiccan, Neo-Pagan, whatever you want to call it, learn your symbols and ask the people before throwing out nonsense. And if you want to ask me what my faith is, go ahead, I am open, but as I like to say, Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged...
  • Shawna from Cleveland, OhDavid Draiman is anti-religion, I think. How can you people get that he is "deeply religious" out of these songs? Believe is about NOT falling back on the stories and "lies" of a certain faith. Draiman doesn't promote/discourage any one kind of belief, which is why the cd cover features all of the symbols instead of just a Christian or Jewish icon. Because he doesn't care, he just doesn't like religion.
    At least thats what I think. No one except the band knows for real.
  • Richie from Philly, NjIt doesn't matter if you belive in christianity. its just having somthing to belive in, hence the four religious symbles on the cover. the cross, star of david, creasent moon, and satanic star.
  • Michael from Chino, CaThis song is quite beautiful. He seems to be saying that you must believe in God, or Christ ("Faces of the Crucified") but you do not have to follow Man's fallible rules of religion. You do not have to punish yourself for your sins, for Christ died to wash these sins from us. "Penance can't absolve your sin."
    Believe in the Lord, take him into your heart and you will be saved.
  • Morgan from Everett, WaI think all the songs are based somewhat on religion. Whether it be bad or good.
  • Derrick from Chico, CaIf he is so religious, why do his songs bash religion so much? Listen to Prayer and Liberate. While your at it re-listen to Believe (Casey Faris!). It is convenient how you left out the most important part of that lyric, "To renew your faith in God you must believe IN YOUR LIE" Also, the song is critical of religion because people often use it to, as the song says, grant remission for sins.

    Listen to Liberate Casey and then tell me that Draiman is "very religious." Please site evidence of these things too.
  • Chas from Webster, NyDavid Dramian was raised to be a preacher when he was young
  • Glenn from Mildenhall, EnglandThe album's cover is a collage of various religious symbols, from a cross, Anarchy Star, Star of David and an Islamic Crescent (they look like horns). It's not about any religion, but religion in general. Just believe, it doesn't matter in what.
  • Eddy from Townsville, AustraliaI never even knew that they were so into any religion??? can somebody update me on their religious history plz?
  • Michelle from Long Island, NyDavid Draiman is Jewish
  • Chris from Aurora, Ilsomebody educate me- does david believe in god or not? e-mail your response, please- subject title- Draiman
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