Album: 10,000 Fists (2005)


  • This is about people who deify President Bush and believe his views on war. The song is Disturbed's whole view on "The War On Terror." >>
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  • Tim from Wilkes-barreWe listen to 10,000 fist as we drove into Iraq. We should get credit. The bombs they found and it was a hell ride. They sent most by air but us we had no guns. Nothing.
  • Daniel from Somewhere, Ct@Jacob "Secondly deify, in today's world it means to go against not give someone or something godlike attributes." Please learn your English. That definition applies to 'defy', a word easily confused with 'deify' as it is only one letter short, though the way they sound picks up on that extra letter. Anyone that truly enjoys Disturbed like me can tell the difference between the sounds of both words.

    @mark "They obviously support the troops." Supporting the troops and supporting the war are two drastically different things. 'Sacred Lie', another Disturbed song off the same album, Ten Thousand Fists, explains how they feel about the two.

  • Shawn from Lake Stevens, WaPeople really need to look at the lyrics for the song... First of all it was released in 2005 meaning the song has no reference to Barack Obama or as some of the crazies have dubbed him "Hussein" or "Messiah". The lyrics: [Woman's Voice:] That's what I believe got him re-elected, is the people knew that you could believe what he says.
    Also the fact that he stated: Renew belief in some demented man and the date of release show its intirely about Bush and how hes dissapointed that he voted for him. Politics wise people didnt vote for Obama because of his color they voted for him because he was running against John "Obama would make a great president" McCain.

    @Kelsey, Most songs are written because of personal life or events. Yes I agree that it can be good just because its a good song but most songs have a meaning or are trying to relay a feeling.
  • Mark from Greenville, ScNow that all the Bush mess is over with and we are no better off in 2012 than we were before 911, let's look at Disturbed's music as a whole. They obviously support the troops. David Draiman if I'm not mistaken of Jewish origin. The last thing any of us could allow was the deification of Osama Bin Laden, George W. Bush etc...Thats what got us in this mess to start with. Some idiot thought Bin Laden was a better way to a better afterlife....Hence kill 40000 plus americans and let Allah sort it out.

    This deifing of anybody has to stop,or the human race will just kill itself off and that will be the end of it. This stupid war has cost too much for us not to learn from it,and we'd better learn quick--like. i believe this whole mess was intended to snowball this planet into the endtime of civilization as we know it. thats what this song is about. the media and religious zelots are dragging millions into hell kikkin and screaming. real warfare dosent play out on X-box, it's bloody.

    Jewish law forbids making any thing or anybody into a god. Radical Islam has from day one advocated the destruction of the jewish people. And don't give me the old they killed Jesus spiel...even he said they didn't know what they were doing. If we kill anyone in the name of a belief system it is wrong. God help us all. I think we should look inside ourselves and deal w/ our demons....I learned that from Disturbed,
  • Ian from Chattanooga, TnI'm not sure its a direct attack on Bush himself but on Government overall. In the past years government has taken many religious things and practically outlawing them and anyone who does not agree with it treats these people as renegades going against the governments laws. We treat the laws of government as if its absolute and all powerful instead of an actual government. We gave them this power so Deifying it giving it god like power. And please look at a dictionary for Deify please
  • --- from ---, Kyhas anyone heared the line "I wont let them deify you," I think we need to realize those lyrics.
  • Jacob from Murray, UtAlright, I think there are some people misconstruing some words here. First renegade may mean going against the church, but that is the definition the catholic church gave it. In todays world it is simply going against your beleifs. Secondly deify, in todays world it means to go against not give someone or sometimg godlike attributes. Personally I think this song is saying that people are to quick to critisizm. How many people supported bush at the end of his second term? Slim to none. I beleive that disturbed is saying that people need to stop thinking about the bad in people and start noticing the good they have done.
  • Nutso from Miami, FlThis would be a great song for the people of Cuba. Castro came in and made everyone think one thing and then fisted everyone! Fidel Castro will soon be getting 10,000 fists up his as in the next life. Your time has arrived MOFO! AND BY THE WAY....THIS SONG REALLY ROCKS! PEACE EVERYONE...
  • Connor from Jay, MeHitler once said the quote, "How fortunate for governments that the people they rule dont think." This is how he was able to conquer with his strong words and great political speeches. Though this song May or may not be about George W. Bush I agree with Kelsey that this song would go just as Good with Barack Hussein Obama sense this is also the reason he got elected. This song dictates to think for yourself and not allow this "New Messiah" Barack Obama to become a God. People should have thought for themselves and voted for substance rather than race. And that goes for both, people who voted for McCain because Obamas black, and for the majority that voted for Obama solely because its, and I quote all of my friends, "Its cool to have a black president." At my sisters kindergarten they tried to make them color Obama coloring books. People would do well to realize that the media, and all the world is immortalizing this man by deifying him. Hence what I personally think the song should be about. Regardless of your views of Bush.
  • Matt from Tylersburg, PaWe get our oil from Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Venezuela--Iraq doesn't have oil. Why do you think Iraq attacked Kuwait in the Persian Gulf War? I totally agree with Kelsey by the way.
  • Matt from Tylersburg, PaPoliticians are corrupt and rely on the nation's ignorance to gain power. They'll often try to gain a good reputation with those who don't quite understand politics (which, unfortunately, is at least seventy percent of the population). When they 'appeal to the people,' it's meaningless, because, in the end, the plan will only benefit the politician. The politicians are hiding the truth from the public. And yet the masses adore and sometimes worship them. "Deify" addresses President Bush's foreign policy, but it can be used to attack virtually every politician.
  • Kelsey from Bat Country, VaDoes no one list to a song just because it sounds good? Personally I think this would be the perfect song for America to play for Obama... Everyone is calling him the new Messiah anyway and thats a load of bull...
  • Anthony from Monticello, IaNone of you guys are right. First off its not about the government at all. Its about false religion. If you look it the chorus it says "Now I've been labeled a renegade" and renegade means to betray or go against the church or your religion. If a you worshiped a false God like the Pope, he is not immortal yet he is worshiped, which is because he has power. And what Disturbed is saying is that Any person that thinks he/she is a god should be extermated because there is only one God or Messiah and that is the Lord or as the bible says Johavoah.
  • Bob from Edson, AbMArk, i believe you mis understand the song. he says it seems so clear now what i must do your no immortal he means bush is a human being just like the est of us and he shouldnt be thought of and praised like a god(an immortal)
  • Howard from Stevensville, MdLook, make up your own minds, "THINK FOR YOURSELF AND LIVE WITH THE CHOICES YOU MAKE FOR YOURSELF", the fact is that I love this song because this is the message I draw from it. Who is to say that the decisions that I make won't be judged by others? In the end I am only accountable to MYSELF for my decisions, AND actions. If people actually BELIEVED that what I SAID applied to them, then I can sum it up from this quote, "WHO IS THE GREATER FOOL, THE FOOL OR THE FOOL THAT FOLLOWS HIM? " If only people held similar beliefs, "RENEW BELIEF IN SOME DEMENTED MAN", and just let the FOOL be......
  • Howard from Stevensville, MdLook, make up your own minds, "THINK FOR YOURSELF AND LIVE WITH THE CHOICES YOU MAKE FOR YOURSELF", the fact is that I love this song because this is the message I draw from it. Who is to say that the decisions that I make won't be judged by others? In the end I am only accountable to MYSELF for my decisions, AND actions. If people actually BELIEVED that what I SAID applied to them, then I can sum it up from this quote, "WHO IS THE GREATER FOOL, THE FOOL OR THE FOOL THAT FOLLOWS HIM? " If only people held similar beliefs, "RENEW BELIEF IN SOME DEMENTED MAN", and just let the FOOL be......
  • Gabby from Or,I really don't like George Bush but, we ALL must respect the fact that he was a president. Not one person can change that.(off the topic) Disturbed is the BEST! If it wasn't for Jacob Lund, Chaz Salzwedel I would never have known about it!
  • Leif from Bowling Green, KyJust wanted to add my two cents in here... I am So sick of people whining and complaining about us going into Iraq, first Bush never said it was nuclear weapons but only weapons of mass distruction( which could easily be biological), which we did find traces of such as missiles equipped to handle biological weapons. And secondly every soldier that went to Iraq and gave their lives did it because they knew that the job they were doing was to make all of you people that are complaining about it safe abnd have that right to complain. And while yes we have lost ~3000 damn good soldiers there, think of how many terrorists we have taken out or imprisoned as a result of that, as they have shown ~10 men can take out 3000, so how many potential lives have those soldiers saved by making their sacrifice. If Given the option I would bet that all of them would make that sacrifice again. I know as a military member myself i would proudly give my life to serve that samw purpose.Again that is my two cents on this forum.. Sorry to go off topic of the song, which despite the message i like the song and the band.
  • Drew from Usafa, CoI would like to reply to three people. The first being Chris. Chris, how much oil have we exactly gained from Iraq? Do you know what provinces of Iraq we gave back after our invasion? The answer to the first is none and the second is the southern provinces, the oil rich regions. Many people blindly spew information of how we entered Iraq to gain oil from Iraq. The only reason for this is that this message is the one that is predominately spread throughout the vast majority of the media. People are simply too lazy to research things on their own.

    Secondly, I would like to reply to Kevin and DJ. Firstly, don't belittle the lives of the 4,000+ men and women we have lost. While that number isn't as large as past wars, it still represents people. At the same time, these soldiers, airmen, marines, and seamen are doing their job, and an amazing job at that. They are fighting a tough enemy with an incredible amount of negativity coming from home.

    The American citizen has forgotten the respect which is due to the person holding the title of President or Commander-in-Chief, no matter if you like them or not. I did not personally want Barack Obama to be president, however, as a member of the military I understand he is my leader and I will do what he requires. I only wish the American people could understand that is how the vast majority of the military thinks. No matter who's in charge, they will do what their job requires of them, even death if necessary. The American man or women has forgotten this.
  • A.o.c from Rounabout. . ., NjAll "unwritten messages, Gut based interpretations" aside, first listen/read (to) the lyrics for a literal understanding of what is going on in the song. Now we know the song's title is Deify and that Deify occurs twice a chorus ( a total of 6 times) for three choruses, and that Deify is intended to mean "giving Godlike attributes or status to a person or anyone". While " . . .It seems so clear now what I must do . . ." does appear in the song we are not given enough information to determine what it is he or she (this could be an implied anonymous viewpoint that is perceived to be shared by others not only in the band) "must do" but it seems it has to do with not allowing somebody/anybody to Deify someone else. While there is George W. Bush's voice in the beginning of the song a link between him and every or any one line (possibly) cannot be assumed. All that is revealed is that his/her devotion is betrayed, he/she is no longer afraid, he/she was at some point to blinded (blind) to see (most likely in this case an unwritten message or reference to a case of disillusionment caused by the realization of his/her devotion being betrayed), he/she feels horrified, his/her innocence died, he/she can't be pacified, somebody/anybody made him/her bury something, and that he or she won't be sleeping tonight (at some period of time after disillusionment). Facts from the next line are:he/she (only) wanted a blessing made, was labeled a renegade (outlaw,betrayer etc.), is able to see things that must be done more clearly than were seen sometime before, somebody/anybody (not necessarily Bush) isn't perceived as (an) immortal by a first person point of view, he/she won't let someone/ some people/ anyone etc. Deify someone else, the first person point of view is given reason to believe that someone else views someone else as a "new" Messiah and whoever is being viewed as this Messiah is being Deified, wants/calls for a renewal of belief in some demented man (demented-distorted). The facts from the next line can are: all passion seems to have died as viewed from the first person's point of view, the first person believes that he/she with others included have been living a lie (not necessarily known to them or unknown to them), his/her will has been fortified, someone has caused the protagonist to "hunger again", good luck sleeping tonight (can be a reference to anything but possibly something already or soon to be mentioned in the song), the chorus repeats as does it's messages, " . . . All my devotion betrayed
    I am no longer afraid I was too blinded to see How much you've stolen from me . . ." is repeated also, the song is closed with " . . . Deify you They view you as the new messiah Deify you Renew belief in some demented man . . ." being repeated one last time. With all of that aside and the facts straight all we can be led to believe is somebody is suffering from the Realization of their state of disillusionment. The Living Lie Realized is that someone was Deified and when this was noticed caused the Realizer to feel Horrified and Betrayed. Finally the Realizer (awakened)
    No Longer Afraid and must stop "them" from Deifying somebody. -KRH
  • Rupert from Highfields, AustraliaLOL i laugh at you ALL. You direct it at Bush, it isn't. Yes it is about his actions but it is just about someone in power who everyone worships, as you do with Bush Kevin from NY. How many political leaders make desicions that split people apart? Heaps. Just because someone like Bush is being foolish to some doesn't make him foolish to others. "I wont let them Deify you", i wont let them make a god out of you. "I only wanted the blessing made Now i been labeled a Renegade", i only wanted you to keep your promise and you labeled me a rebel because it didn't suit you. Its just that simple, just because Bush is in power don't mean its him, its just about the Political leaders who become worshipped. Seriously just because Bush is there dont always mean Yall gotta pick on him. Agree with me or not, dont care. But i'll be back to argue this point, oh and DJ just because you dont like Bush dont mean you gotta bring him into this. This is the band that we should Deify... DISTURBED
  • Cory from Victor, NyOk this song isnt focused on Bush but is slightly directed towards him. i just thought I'd attempt to settle a stupid dispute.
  • Mark from Utica, NyHey guys. I do agree the meaning that pretty much everyone agrees on(the whole bush point). But I can't help but wondering if maybe he plans to do something, such as assassinate Bush, in the song. One reason is that in the lyrics he says "it seems so clear now what I must do" and soon after in the refrain he says "you're no immortal, I won't let them deify you". I don't know why it just makes me think he might be planning to assassinate or something of the sort in the song.
  • Billy from Newcastle, United KingdomThough there are references to Bush at the beginning, this song does not seem to be aimed at him. It seems to be aimed at anyone grabbing attention that isn't their's or for a false reason. Bush said he'd be peaceful, and got elected, but then said he'd start a war against terrorism, and was deified for a false reason. Deify comes from the Latin 'deus' meaning god, so to deify someone is to make them appear godlike. Trust me, I'm doing Latin for GCSE.
  • Kevin from Sayreville, NjAmazing song by Disturbed, Jeremy your right by bringing up the definition of "Deify" as it is tossed around as it is known by all.
  • Chris from Attleboro, Mayeah kevin your obviously one of those people that believe bush. The real reason were in Iraq isn't becuase of 9/11, but far from it. Its all for the oil. Theres a reason why we change country's, because iraq had more oil so we went there.
    oh and jeremy you live in attleboro too?
  • Kevin from South Richmond Hill, NyFirst off, I have to say it, but "DJ, from Pipestone, CO, if you ever look back here I want you to read this. No country, no man, will ever invade a country without reason. There was no contract when we "hired" Bush. He is our president and our commander-in-chief and as an American you should be willing to die for what he says. Also, 3,000 troops is hardly even a unit, its become a day and age when we're so ready to cry at the loss of a single soldier, but thats what war is. Anyhow, about the song, Disturbed ovbiously isn't the greatest fan of our President, but its not just directed at him, rather at anyone who a country and a people put their trust in, and give power to, but it doesn't go the way they planned.
  • Dj from Pipestone, CoYes this song is not directly aimed at George Bush but they use him as a prime example, when the 9/11 attacks happened the people felt like the needed revenge and rightly so. They Deified George Bush because he said he would go and fight the terrorist, but look at where all this has ended us. Perhaps fighting terrorist was the alright thing to do but invading Iraq? That wasn't in the contract when we hired you Mr. Bush, oh well it's only 3,000 troops, it sure is worth it*sarcasm*
  • Devon from Westerville, OhThis is a great song from Disturbed. the 10,000 fists is one of my favorite albums from Disturbed.
  • Tom from Chicago, IlYes this song references George Bush but it is important to understand that it is not a direct attack on him, rather people like him. I think we can all relate to someone who we have "worshipped" who has betrayed our trust.
  • Jeremy from Attleboro, MaIn order to explain this using the word Diefy i beleiv eyou should explain what the word Diefy means Nate. Diefy means giving god like attributes to a person or object. The song is about people who treat George Bush like he is a god, and how Disturbed beleives that that is entirely not true and should not be occuring.
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