Album: Ten Thousand Fists (2005)
  • This song is about a woman who is guarding herself from the love of a man. It appears this man is tired of getting shut down and sells his soul to the Devil, which is why the Devil is laughing because the woman now has no one and he gets the man's soul. >>
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    Logan - Elk Grove Village, IL

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  • Gabby from Or,Well, this song can go both ways boy/girl- (Guarding yourself from the love of another leaving you nothing tonight) to me it means if you guard yourself from anothers love and emotions it's a sign that because of the ties of your past is the reason, you don't want to be hurt again.(off the topic)This song is really good!- the first time I heard it was on a video game.LOL
  • Billy from Newcastle, United KingdomI believe that this is by a person/people scorned by love, revealing the fact bitterly, as if they now have nothing by rejecting the love, they are worse off.
  • Rachel from Auckland, New ZealandPeople, this song is not about a woman guarding herself. I am guessing it can be about that, but in the words of David Draiman it is about how he chooses his way of life. Quote from David " This song is about how choosing this way of life, this path that we are on, some have it better than others. Danny (Dan Donegan) has a beautiful wife and child, Mike (Mike Wengren) seems to be on his way, and me? Besides not being ready, I don't think it would be fair to the person I would be with. You force yourself to be guarded. The lyrics are me speaking to myself. I made this decision to lead this sort of life, and therefore I'm unfortunately deprived of certain things, like love in a true sense". thanks
  • Moon from Aplace, UtI think this song is about a woman who has closed herself off from love and life and now she has nothing because of what she chose to do.
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