Ten Thousand Fists

Album: Ten Thousand Fists (2005)


  • This song talks about people standing up for what they believe in. At Disturbed's concerts, fans will raise their fists in the air when this plays. ¡ >>
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    Bill - Somerville, NJ

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  • Bryce from North DakotaAlso would like to add that I have noticed that from album to album The Guy changes in appearance and one song in Ten Thousand Fists he creates a riot (Land of Confusion)
  • Bryce from North DakotaNow I could be completely wrong but having read and listened to the lyrics of this song it sounds as Disturbed is describing a large group (ten thousand fists) start to stand up and become a riot. The idea of a riot came to me when David sings " what all I want will mark me a sinner tonight" hence he is stealing what he wants which tends to happen in riots and when he sings " you will remember the night you were struck by the sight of ten thousand fists in the air"
  • Michael from Harlington TexasLittle did you know there pissed off for being tortured and have assembled a a group to over come them. Take it from liberate and game then research gang stalking and harassment. Then rmn. There's your answer. -:
  • Linda from Henderson, Nvoh my goodness people people ...... what an awesome sight it must be to see "10,000 fists in the " as your band ROCKS the crap out of them
  • Joe from El Paso, Tx10,000 fists might, just MIGHT, be talking about war, 10,000 as in 10,000 soldiers (or 5,000 because everyone usually has 2 hands)and fists usually represent war or fighting.
  • Matt from Tylersburg, PaIm sure I speak for the majority of Disturbed fans when I say that ths song not only inspires me to stand up for what I believe in but it lets me know that I may share my beliefs with others. It evokes emotional strength.
  • Brianna from Quincy, IlThis ones pretty self explanatory. A LOT of people are going on an apparently violent riot to prove a strong point of theirs. The "leader" of this riot believes he is the savior of whatever cause they are rioting for. The "leader" says he is a sinner tonight so that's how I figured it was violent. Not to mention...on the cd case (the albums called Ten Thousand Fists) there are a bunch of angry looking people with weapons. On this site someone had said, it is just a stupid song about the pleasure of performing in front of a large crowd. That is WAY wrong. I Love this song and, personally, I love to "rock out" to it =P
  • Jessi from Puyallup, Wathis song is sooo cool! i love it. :D
  • Christian from Red Lion, Pai think that this song is about at some point in our life we need to stand up for what we belive that is why he says that people can no longer cower then rise they either need to fight the battle or just not live to fight another day
  • Cory from Victor, Nyhey AJ don't be an ass. DJ is just speaking his mind I'm sure he doesnt need your advice.
  • Billy from Newcastle, United KingdomThere is no deep meaning to this song, it is about the euphoria of performing to a crowd that loves you, a crowd of ten thousand people showing appreciation by raising their fists.
  • Kimberly from Jefferson, MeThis song is seriously about standing up for what you believe in and I think that everyone needs to do that, or atleast listen to this song becasue it will make you think!
  • Aj from ???, MiDJ, not to be mean or anything, but stop with the philosipher stuff. just say something like, "its good to stand in numbers." anyway, your right. but still... btw, ten thousand fists in the air!
  • Dj from Pipestone, CoThis song could almost be called Disturbed's theme song because it is basically what they are all about, standing up in huge numbers for what they believe in to feel the kind of adrenaline you would at a momentous rock concert
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