The Light

Album: Immortalized (2015)
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  • This major-key ballad tempers haunting keyboards and beefy guitars with a towering vocal. "The message for 'The Light' is one of positivity," said vocalist and lyricist David Draiman. "Most people are quite apprehensive about the 'dark' periods, and experiences of their lives. However, sometimes those dark periods of time are a necessary path we must take in order to finally see, 'the light,' so to speak."
  • Whilst we're on the subject of light – here's a few fun facts to, er, enlighten you.

    Moving at the speed of 186,000 miles per second, it takes 8 minutes for light to travel from the sun to the earth.

    Light doesn't necessarily travel at the speed of light. In 1999, Harvard physicist Lene Hau was able to slow down light to 38 miles per hour.

    There is no red light 30 feet underwater, so blood appears green.
  • Speaking about the track with Loudwire, Draiman stated: "Go figure. Disturbed songs with an air of positivity. Who would have ever thought?"

    "You know, the only way that you get to appreciate the darkness is by contrasting it with light," he continued. "I think that people have utilized our music in particular to get them through the difficult periods in their lives, to triumph against adversity, to overcome obstacles. And it's been my experience, with people in my life, or friends that I have or have had, that sometimes those periods in our lives that are dark ones can be so daunting and you let them overwhelm you to the extent that you succumb to hopelessness and you succumb to stagnation. And the truth be told, everything is a pathway. Sometimes you have to go through dark periods in your life in order to find the answer that you need, in order to become stronger, in order to see the light, per se. And it's just putting things in that perspective."
  • This was the first song to be written and recorded for Immortalized, an album that was released by Disturbed following a four-year hiatus. "Because it is as different as it is, that was one of the first ones that I was, like, 'Hmmm, I'm not so sure. I mean, I recognize that it's a big hook, but stylistically, how do I… Can I come to terms with this?'," Draiman said. "And that was another one of the reasons that made me wanna go out to Chicago to get in front of the [other] guys [in Disturbed] and throw some of these ideas at them in person, some of the things to help reassure me."
  • This was the album's second single, following "The Vengeful One." It peaked at #1 on the Mainstream Rock chart and #18 on the Hot Rock & Alternative Songs chart.
  • The music video, directed by Culley Bunker and Craig Bernard, tells the story of a firefighter who suffers disfiguring burns after being trapped in a blaze but finds hope by falling in love with his rehabilitation nurse. Meanwhile, the band performs in front of a burning building.

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  • Gina Thomas from Evansville, IndianaI love love Disturbed and in particularly this song. My husband has had Alzheimer’s since he was 56 (now 62) and sometimes i just want to lay down, take his hand and leave this world. This disease is so ugly i dont understand why God allows it to happen! THE LIGHT gives me hope to go on and try to see “the light” through all the dark! For one, I have the gift of being able to be there for a husband who has always been there for me!!
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