Goin' Crazy

Album: The Fifth (2013)
Charted: 5
  • The lead single from Dizzee's The Fifth album is a duet with Robbie Williams. The "Candy" singer told The Sun: "I was expecting Dizzee to come round to my place in LA for an hour. He got round at 6pm, we chatted for hours and he left at 6am. Then he said he wanted the song to sound like Queen. It was a great night."
    "I have never been so urban," he joked. When I heard Dizzee wanted me, I was like, 'F--- yes!'"He only deals in bangers and life is getting shorter for me.
    "The song instantly sounded like a smash. I love his vibe, his energy and he is a real talent. He seems to be the voice of this generation, so it was a no-brainer."
  • The mods and rocker themed video sees the two stars riding mobility scooters. Dizzee told The Sun: "As soon as I heard Quadrophenia, I was signed up for the video idea. The mods and rockers idea is right up my street. Having Robbie involved has been good. When his name came up, I was excited about it. We went to his house to record it. It's not often on these things you sit in the same studio anymore."
  • Speaking to Capital FM about the song, Dizzee said: "It's just one of those things. I actually recorded the song a year before, last year in LA. Robbie's name came up this year, and when I heard that I thought, 'Yeah, that makes total sense.' But then he'd only record it as long as I was there, so I had to fly out to his house in LA."
    He added: "I heard it and I just got excited because it had an indie feel to it and I just felt like that's where music is going to go. I feel like there's going to be a shift in music."
  • Robbie Williams has duetted with artists as diverse as Kylie Minogue, Madonna and The Pet Shop Boys, but was his first collaboration with a rapper.
  • Rascal told The Sun: "I worked with Tim Anderson from Ima Robot on that track. When he first played it to me, I was literally going crazy for it. I got really excited because it's a guitar track and I thought I could do an indie pop song with a hip-hop element to it. Then we were looking for someone to sing it and had a few people in mind. Robbie's name came up at a meeting and I just thought he would be wicked."
  • Rascal admitted during an interview on BBC Radio 1xtra that he asked Example to join him on the song before Robbie Williams. "I actually gave that to Example first," the rapper said. "He did it and then he didn't think it was right, so respect due to him, he said nah it's not right let's leave it."
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