Down From Dover

Album: The Fairest of Them All (1969)
  • Dolly Parton told Mojo magazine June 2008 that this is one of her favorite songs. She added: "When I wrote that - Lord, so many years ago, the mid-'60s, I guess - I knew a lot of young girls getting pregnant, and usually in the mountains people would pretty much turn you out: you were trash and a whore and your daddy and mama wouldn't let you come home, so you'd have to go to some home for unwed mothers or a relative would take you in. I'm touched by everything, and that used to bother me: how cruel and awful must that be, how lonely they must feel. That was great fodder for a song: it came to me as a story, like writing a movie."

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  • Mark from London, EnglandNancy Sinatra covered this song, with a very tearful denouement.
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