Cat Fugue

Album: Complete Piano Sonatas (1739)
  • In English, this harpsichord solo in 6/8 time is rendered as "Fugue In G Major," "Fuga Del Gatto" or "Cat's Fugue." The Italian composer Domenico Scarlatti owned a cat named Pulcinella (as much as anyone can own a cat). His pet is said to have inspired this piece - if not to have actually composed it - by walking on the keyboard.

    In The Reduced History Of Cats, Richard Pendleton writes:

    "Far from being the kind of cat who would scamper up and down for five minutes and pass the resulting racket off as free-form jazz, Pulcinella almost seemed to be picking out tunes."
  • "Fuga Del Gatto" was published in 1739 as part of the collection 42 Pieces For The Harpsichord by the London publisher Roseingrave. Handel is thought to have "borrowed" from "Fuga Del Gatto" for his "Concerto Grossi Opus 6" which was published the same year.

    Whether or not Pulcinella did actually contribute to it, "Cat Fugue" certainly has a stacatto feel. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Alexander Baron - London, England, for above 2
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