Album: Shame, Shame (2010)


  • For Dr. Dog's sixth album Shame, Shame, rather than produce the set themselves, the band decided to bring in someone from outside the band with the aim of more accurately recreating the energy of their live shows. So they hired Rob Schnapf (Beck, Elliott Smith) as co-producer and recorded in a different studio. Co-frontman Scott McMicken told Express Night Out that this track reflected their new approach. He explained: "We've been getting more and more into that idea, trying to learn restraint, trying not to just come out of the gates with everything you've got, trying to hold it back and let it develop. This record was way more informed by us as a live band than all the ideas we've developed about recording over all the years. That's why we went to a different studio, that's why we got an engineer and producer so we could essentially be a live band and try to make that into a record for the first time.
    In the early days, playing live was such a manic crazy experience, adrenaline and nerve-fueled, like humming birds on the stage. Over time we've been trying to calm down and explore what else is available, sort of mellowed and calmer feel, more nuanced and spacious kinds of ways of playing and it takes a lot of mental work as it does musical work because you have to feel confident without things needing to be roaring. You need to be able to feel the music when it's not matching your internal adrenaline and nervousness and energy and all that, so it's kind of a disciplinary thing for us: 'Whoa, calm down. See what the feel is here and don't push it top fast, don't push it too hard.' What that's kind of amounted to for us is songs that can at least start with barely anything and slowly build to that point that were all looking to get to: the big finale, or whatever."


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