Let the Sin Begin

Album: Drowning Pool (2010)


  • This is the opening track from alternative metal band Drowning Pool's self-titled fourth studio album. Guitarist C.J. Pierce told Artist Direct: "It's a fan song; it's a people song. We all go through good times and bad times. We all feel like s--t or we all have a great day. It's an anthem. It's a rock song that just includes fans as part of it. That's the whole idea about it. We all have those days, and we all feel it together."

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  • Nick Edward Barnes from 111656714889@att.netDon't like the conceptual lyrics from the song. My national domestic is going thru too many integrated mixed messages for this song to have come out on their 4th album. There is 99,000 indictments per year in the United States, this song's intent does not compliment the need to resolve the problems and live thru peace. Let me say this...Drowning Pool is one of the best groups of the 2000's and that says alot. Don't blow it using a buck and a media voice. If you want a shot at artistic success, lay it on the line from nowon and live from the heart not brass balls. - sincerely and respectfully, your friend and fan in truth...
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