by EMF

Album: Schubert Dip (1991)
Charted: 28 18
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  • Originally, this contained a voice sample from Mark David Chapman, the man who murdered John Lennon. Yoko Ono sent a letter to the group asking them to remove the sample, which they did. The single and album containing that bit is now very much a rarity. >>
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    J.I. - Pittsburgh, PA
  • EMF is best known for their American #1 "Unbelievable," but they had several other hits in their native UK, including "Lies," which placed at #18 in the US. Written by the group's guitarist, Ian Dench, the song finds lead singer James Atkin bemoaning a woman who tells him only lies. At the end of the song, he comes a little unhinged, singing:

    This time I don't feel so blue
    When I'm with you

    It seems like a sweet sentiment, but in the context of the song, he could have bad intentions.
  • Directed by Angela Conway, the black-and-white music video is rather bleak, with maggots, cockroaches and lots of mud. It's similar to what Nine Inch Nails was doing in their videos.


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