Album: A Dark Murmuration of Words (2020)


  • Emily Barker is an Australia-born and -bred country/folk singer-songwriter who relocated to England. This song finds her searching for the meaning of "home," which is a reoccurring theme throughout A Dark Murmuration of Words.
  • Barker took the title of her A Dark Murmuration of Words album from this song.

    Down every dune of your shoreline
    I move with the migratory birds
    Me and my shadows in a flight path rhyme
    A dark murmuration of words

    Barker explained to The Sun: "I came up with this line when I was sitting in some sand dunes in South West Australia and looked up to see a flock of migratory birds. I felt how similar I was to them with my movement between two homes: Australia and the UK. I thought of all the words I've written on the theme of home over the years and imagined them all up in the sky migrating between the two countries."
  • Greg Freeman produced A Dark Murmuration of Words. Freeman began his career working as a recording engineer at Peter Gabriel's Real World Studios, and later worked with such artists as Amy Winehouse ("Like Smoke," "Between The Cheats") and Rudimental ("Come Over").


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