Same Song & Dance

Album: Relapse (2009)
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  • On this song Eminem raps over Dr Dre's sinister production about picking up celebrities and subsequently murdering them. A serial killer theme runs throughout the Relapse album. The Observer Music Monthly May 2009 asked Eminem if he had Silence of the Lambs on loop in his house. He replied: "I did find myself watching a lot of documentaries on serial killers. I mean, I always had a thing for them. Oh, that's not twisted in itself at all, right? I've always been intrigued by them and watching movies like that, and I found that going back through my DVD collection and watching movies about killers sparked something in me. The way a serial killer's mind works, just the psychology of them, is pretty f--king crazy. I was definitely inspired by that, but most of that imagery came from my own mind. I did everything I could to relapse into the old me. When you relapse you go into your old ways harder than before."

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  • Michael from Deridder, Lait sounds more like the stories of Shady picking up celebrities and just plain ol' raping them (yes, raping not rapping) the "same song" sounds like how the victim screams to be let go, and the "dance" sounds like it represents the fidgeting before, during, and after the rape. I mean, the chorus practically says it all. Just look:

    "Yeah baby, do that dance
    It's the last dance you'll ever get the chance to do
    Girl, shake that a$$,
    You ain't ever gonna break that glass
    The windshields too strong for you

    I said yeah baby, sing that song
    It's the last song you'll ever get the chance to sing
    You sexy little thing
    Show me what you got, give it your all
    Look at you bawl, why you cryin' to me?
    Same song and dance..."
    -Eminem, "Same Song & Dance"

    (ah, WTH am i saying? i LOVE this song! ;-P )
  • Rick from Slidell, LaVintage shady
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